Friday Freebie: Swing Dance Lap Quilt Pattern

temp swing dance Friday Freebie: Swing Dance Lap Quilt PatternYou might be thinking I’m silly for posting this bright and sunny quilt pattern as a Friday Freebie on an autumn afternoon…but I have a different plan for the fabric than what’s pictured here!

Ever on the lookout for nifty scrap-quilt patterns, this one caught my eye. Perhaps you’ve got a basket full of scraps in autumn or Christmas hues; the largest squares are 6½″ x 6½″. The smaller squares are patterned to use 2½″ strips, but you might choose to use 2½″ square scraps from your stash.

I played with the colors in EQ7 to show you a quick example of how this quilt might look in scrappy autumn colors. temp fall 500px Friday Freebie: Swing Dance Lap Quilt PatternAnd here’s my scrappy sample block. temp snowball autumn 200px Friday Freebie: Swing Dance Lap Quilt Pattern

Click here for the FREE Swing Dance lap quilt pattern download.

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5 Responses to Friday Freebie: Swing Dance Lap Quilt Pattern

  1. I absolutely love scrappy quilts (as you can tell by my blog name). There is something so comforting about a scrappy quilt. It reminds you of times past.

  2. Jenny Moore says:

    Just love scrappy quilts. I cut my left over fabrics into squares when I am finished a project, and this pattern looks just great to help empty my basket. Thank-You

  3. Bev Gunn says:

    Now I like this-great way to update an old favorite! And, it can use up some of the scraps I have sitting around!

  4. Shirley says:

    I do alot of scrappy quilts and this one looks like a keeper to me.

  5. I really so much like scrappy quilts.All the colour so amazing .Thanks

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