America Quilts Together… and Across the Ocean

Malabo group America Quilts Together... and Across the Ocean

The Malabo Ladies Quilt Group, Equatorial Guinea


The Malabo Ladies Quilt Group—
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
In January, 2008, Barbara Hunt packed her sewing machines, cutting table, and stash to take with her to her new home on a small island off the West coast of Africa. Having been taught how to quilt while she lived for a short time in Indonesia, Barbara wanted to “pay it forward” and sent e-mails to all of the other expatriate wives she knew in Malabo, hoping to start a quilt group. Their group of mainly beginning quilters met every Thursday to learn all they could from each other. Recognizing the poverty of their community, the group decided to use their talents to provide assistance. They held 2 fundraising events in the expatriate community, resulting in thousands of dollars used to provide aid to those in need.

Malabo 2 quilt America Quilts Together... and Across the Ocean


Malabo 3 America Quilts Together... and Across the OceanMalabo group 4 America Quilts Together... and Across the Ocean


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AQT cover final1 America Quilts Together... and Across the Ocean



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6 Responses to America Quilts Together… and Across the Ocean

  1. Jennifer Padden says:

    The quilt is just fantastic. What do the symbols in the blocks mean?

  2. ktaylor says:

    I will ask our senior editor when she returns soon, but in the mean time I’m pretty sure I know what one of them means :)

  3. Liz Mattingly says:

    I had the honor of living in Malabo with these ladies for 3 years. The quilting they do is fantastic. I remember the work they put into quilts and the quilts made for the fundraisers. Phenomenal!! Congrats everyone. Wish I was still there.

  4. Sonia Perry says:

    They are and were a great group of woman. Some are gone but other remain.
    Congrats ladies for a wonderful job you done and the ones you will do in the future.
    Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sandi Harris says:

    I was fortunate to be able to make one of these quilts while living in Malabo. If you Google the word Adinkra you will find the meaning of all the symbols. This was a fun group of ladies to work with. Enjoyable memories.

  6. ktaylor says:

    Thanks for that information, Sandi, that is so interesting. And memories you will always have.

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