QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda CreightonBrenda Creighton cc QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda CreightonTo be chosen to continue on  in the contest was an honor and a pleasant surprise for me.

For the final challenge, I  thought I was ready for anything , but found I was not…Opposites Attract??Inspiration 029 300px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

Normally I send out an e-mail to all my friends and quilters to inform them I am  moving on, and once again had to ask for ideas. Received many good ideas which I looked at to see what might be appropriate for the contest. Tried out a few with sketches.  It was my daughter’s idea, which was so right for me, it fit  my strengths and what I most enjoy doing.

Thinking in my garden 400px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

Thinking in my garden.

Sparky helps with more thinking 400px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

Sparky helps with more thinking.

At first I was not sure if it would demonstrate  the theme, but after sitting in the garden for awhile and thinking about it, realized it was perfect, not only were they opposite but made to attract.  Now was the fun part, deciding on the design. I have always loved Paul Brent’s watercolor style and his soft touch, so channeled his style for the layout and colors. Right now,  I am so excited about this quilt and I am ready to go.

This contest has been a fantastic experience, I have grown as a designer and have more confidence in my design abilities. Everywhere I look now I see new possibilities

Love getting the gift boxes, what fun!  Many thanks to McCall’s Quilting staff and all the sponsors


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This update has been brought to you by Timeless Treasures one of our fine QDS™ 2012 sponsors.Timeless 200px1 QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

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2 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Brenda Creighton

  1. Liz says:

    Brenda: I can’t wait to see what you have come up with..I have loved them all so far.

  2. The last round–hope you have enjoyed stretching your design thoughts as much as I have!!

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