QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl Adam

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl Adam

Cheryl Adam 231x300 QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl AdamFirst of all, what a surprise.  I really didn’t expect to get this far, especially after noticing I was the only quilt that was completely pieced.  Thanks to all who voted for me.

After the excitement subsided, the panic set in.  I had to design another piece and not only that, make a finished quilt.  OMG!  The first thing I did was email, my husband, sons, and “Old Crows” for suggestions on the theme.  I got lots of interesting ideas, some even came with sketches on how to execute them.  I sat in my sewing room and tried to think of an idea and was promptly distracted.  A group of 7 swans landed on the pond.  I had to call my grandson (4 year old Titus) to go outside and feed them.

swans QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl Adam

The photo is one I took while giving Titus crackers to throw, and holding on to him so he wouldn't fall in the pond.

That must have been a good distraction as I got to thinking of using one of my husband’s photos to make a quilt.  He’s a wonderful photographer and I’ve used one of his close-up pictures to make a quilt before.  I found a lovely one and proceeded to design.

draft QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl Adam

The photo is of my pattern drawing-in progress.

If you look closely in the background, you will see a pile of fabric.  That is some new fabric I’m working with for a quilt for Houston Market.  I just sent another one for a different company to the quilters and I am waiting on more fabric for additional projects.  Needless to say this is a very busy time of year for me. costume QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Cheryl Adam

Oh yes, I forgot, Titus wants to be a dinosaur for Halloween.  I managed to squeeze in sewing the body of the costume but still have to make the head.

One more thing before I get back to work – a 1½ week vacation.  Wish me luck!


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This update has been brought to you by Quilting Treasures, one of our fine QDS™ 2012 sponsors.

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  1. Can’t wait to see all the final products–hope you have learned as much about yourself as a designer as I have!!

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