QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla Whalen

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla WhalenMarla Whalen QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla WhalenWhen I heard the theme of Challenge 3, “Opposites Attract,” I was immediately full of ideas!  Sometimes it is a struggle to think of anything…this time it was a struggle to pare down my thoughts into one cohesive design.  I have always found the yin-yang symbol and the philosophies behind it interesting, so I decided it would be the focus of my quilt and serve to unify my design.  The symbol is two opposite halves that interlock to create a circle–one cannot exist without the other, and they come together to create the whole.  The yin-yang represents many opposites, the most basic pair being female and male.  This train of thought led me to colors–”pink for girls, blue for boys”–a tradition that is found around the world and has even been studied scientifically.  The girly pink and boyish blue, when combined, make purple…so my color concept almost came about on its own!  I’m working with other opposites as well–light and dark, downward and upward, left and right, order and chaos.faye2 300px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla WhalenI happen to have a couple of opposites in my house…my dogs, and not just because they’re a girl and a boy!  Red-haired Faye is quiet, passive, fine with spending time by herself, and takes a step back when she meets a stranger.  Tri-colored Tucker, on the other hand, is boisterous, demanding, cries when everyone isn’t where he wants them, and greets strangers with a full-body hug!  They are the perfect complements for each other–he has brought her out of her shell, and she is teaching him the joys of chilling out.  This contest has done similar things for me–it has made me more comfortable with putting my work “out there”, and is helping me learn to relax when it comes to my designs, and trust my instincts.tucker 300px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla Whalen_________

Click here for Marla Whalen’s McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012 bio page.

This update has been brought to you by Northcott, one of our fine QDS 2012 sponsors.

Northcott 200px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla Whalen

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2 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Marla Whalen

  1. I really like your concept–I could be going along a similar path!!! Can’t wait to see how you interpret yours!!

  2. Debbie Moore says:

    I love the pink and other colors this quilt would go very well with my bedroom. I missed the issue can you direct me to it. What a beautiful quilt you have made.

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