Hot Off the Press: America Quilts Together

Cover 200px1 Hot Off the Press: America Quilts TogetherI am excited to tell you about our latest special issue: America Quilts Together. Although many of us enjoy solitary time spent cutting, sewing and quilting, sometimes we long for a connection to others who share our passion for quiltmaking. This issue is packed full of ideas and tips for enjoying quilting with others, whether within a local guild, across the miles with friends and family, or even online. You might even be inspired to start your own group!

AQT rainbow 150px Hot Off the Press: America Quilts TogetherWe’ve included 12 fresh quilt patterns that lend themselves especially well to quilting in groups. Just look for the quilters-all-around symbol (above) in each pattern for information on how the design fits into group quilting plans. As an added plus, all the patterns also work beautifully for solo quilters.

AQT flag 125px Hot Off the Press: America Quilts TogetherIn the pages of this issue, we introduce you to over 30 active, successful quilting groups, from 2-200 members strong. We’re certain you’ll enjoy their inspiring stories and photographs – just look for the Quilting Together flag symbol (above) throughout the issue.

America the Beautiful 300px Hot Off the Press: America Quilts TogetherWe’re delighted to include the complete pattern for America the Beautiful in this issue! The quilt was previously published as a series quilt in McCall’s Quilting, and has been a huge reader favorite, with many quilters having made the pattern as a group project. We always enjoy seeing the many different creative versions of a quilt design; we’ve included lots of photographs of individualized versions.

Click here for a sneak-peek of every pattern included in this America Quilts Together issue.

Click here to join us on our Editors’ Blog as we highlight quilting groups featured in America Quilts Together.

To launch this special issue, we’re giving away 10 free copies of America Quilts Together. To enter, just post a comment below, and we’ll choose 10 random winners on Monday morning, September 10. Be sure to check back here to see who won!

Contest is over – thanks for playing, and congratulations to the following winners:

Janay Fake (9/10 8:45 am)
Karen A (9/8 9:35 am)
Sheila Hillard (9/7 6:28 pm)
Therese (9/7 3:25 pm)
lynn (9/7 2:32 pm)
Bev Muzeroll (9/7 2:31 pm)
Kate Dinsmore (9/7 1:57 pm)
Mary Miller (9/7 1:54 pm)
Sara Agnor (9/7 1:50 pm)
karen (9/7 1:31 pm)

Winners will be emailed shortly, so if you are one of the winners, please check your email!

We’ll announce another free give-away later today (9/10), so be sure to check back on our Editors’ Blog!

Can’t wait? Click here to purchase America Quilts Together from our online Quilt and Sew Shop. Instant digital download also available.

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427 Responses to Hot Off the Press: America Quilts Together

  1. Lynnette says:

    I am a quilting magazine junkie and know this will be added to my subscriptions. Thank you McCalls for being cutting edge and proactive to quilting folks world-wide.

  2. Krista says:

    This sounds great!

  3. Kathy Baldwin says:

    Can’t wait to see it and get started on new projects.

  4. Shelley Mallory says:

    Winning this magazine would be awesome

  5. Ange Culler says:

    I love McCall’s Quilt Magazines! My aunt, mother in-law and I have plans to each make our version of the America the Beautiful quilt the next time I am home with them in Ohio. Can’t wait!

  6. Jo Ann Lindsey says:

    It would be so nice to actually win one of these giveaways!! But I’m a magazine junkie so will buy it for sure! It looks lovely!

  7. Jo Ann Lindsey says:

    It would be so nice to win one of these drawings, but if not, I will buy it! It looks lovely!

  8. Jan Zedrick says:

    I love quilting with other people.

  9. Pat Waters says:

    History repeats itself as it should, I can’t wait to see pattersn

  10. pm510 says:

    What a great idea for a new magazine.

  11. Karen A says:

    Oh!! More great patterns to tempt me.

  12. Bonnie Meadows says:

    I would love this magazine. It looks amazing.

  13. Jenny Moore says:

    This looks like a Yummy magazine. Hope I am lucky!!!

  14. BevM says:

    I love McCall”s Quilting magazines the best. Hope I win & thanks!

  15. Christine Black says:

    Looks like fun!

  16. Sharon Fulton says:

    I would love to read about the 30 different quilting groups that will be showcased in this edition. I live in a rural area and have not been lucky enough to find a guild close enough to me to join. When taking classes at a local quilt shop, I have truly enjoyed learning tips and tricks from other quilters.

  17. Fran Wiest says:

    Looks like a great issue!

  18. I would love, love, love to win this! It looks like an awesome issue! Have a super day!

  19. Tamra Corley-Dunn says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this magazine, I am a beginner quilter in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. We do not have the luxury of newstands here to preview a magazine and decide if we would like to buy it. It would be wonderful to win a copy and take to my quilting class and share with my friends, I know that we would definitely pick out a few quilts for our Fall and Spring Semester of Quilting and knowing myself this would be the deciding factor for me to subscribe. Would be watching my mailbox everyday.

  20. Margaret Lawrence says:

    I’m a total magazine addict, and I’d love to win a copy of THIS one!

  21. Lorinda Elson says:

    I love quilt magazines and always read them from cover to cover. I only wish I had the time, energy and money to make more of the beautiful quilts.

  22. diane ihde says:

    Since I have lived on farm my entire life–The America just fits for me! I like the barn quilts and am trying to find just the right quilt block for our barn and my parents barn. I like the way McCalls does their quilt magazine. I also have a 17 year son who has been quilting since he was 10 — he does it all. Thanks for the chance to win this magazine.

  23. Janet Crossman says:

    I would love to win a copy of this new mag. it is just what I love. Love the pattern preview.

  24. Claudia Romanos says:

    I just love all of McCall’s quilting magazines, if i don’t win, i will find it in the store, but, it would be nice to win it!

  25. acctconnect says:

    i would love to have a copy of the mag.

  26. Jane Luxenberg says:

    Isn’t that how quilting started- Quilting Bees!- Its a wonderful way to pass on skills and community skills, while accomplishing something valuable and pretty. I especially like when its for charity. Great idea for a magazine.

  27. Susan Morawski says:

    Would love to win the magazine and bring it to show the girls I go with to quilt shows. They all quilt at the senior center in our town and I am frequently still working when they get together. I would love to bring a new idea to their table for concideration. It would be pretty cool to be the one to suggest the quilt pattern to make for their next quilt raffle quilt. Thanks for starting this new magazine!

  28. Jane Luxenberg says:

    Isn’t that how quilting started- Quilting Bees!- Its a wonderful way to pass on skills and community news, while accomplishing something valuable and pretty. I especially like when its for charity. Great idea for a magazine.

  29. sewjournal says:

    Looks like an interesting magazine. I’d really like to take a look.

  30. Donna Harry says:

    This looks like an awesome read and instruction for quilters!!

  31. Eva Kasapi says:

    I keep my fingers crossed!

  32. Krysti Shook says:

    Would love to win this issue!

  33. Carol Mais says:

    I love quilting magazines, looking at all the lovely ideas.

  34. Sheila says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this magazine. What a great chance to hear about other groups, whether they are a handful of people or a huge room full. I will be looking for this one on the stands if I don’t win. Quilting has always been a social activity and remains so.

  35. Barbara Klawiter says:

    Just came home from Nancy Zieman’s Wisconsin Quilt Show really enthused and looking forward to new ideas, and here I could get some new ideas delivered right to my door.

  36. If we’re in the magazine will we be sent a copy? Hope to win one anyway!!

  37. GramTam says:

    Can’t wait to check out this great magazine. Love the ideas and everything else!!!

  38. Charrye Olberding says:

    I love Quilt Magazines. I have boxes of them and love looking and rereading them! I feel I am always learning something new!

  39. Jill Hicks says:

    I am eager to see this magazine. I see Erin Russek’s beautiful design on the cover.

  40. Maggie says:

    Love your Magizine, our guild has been debating on which pattern to do for our next raffle quilt, this one looks like it would help, great idea!

  41. Jackie Forcucci says:

    If I am unable to sew, I grab a handful of quilting magazines and lose myself in the images. It is nearly as satisfying as actually quilting!

  42. Rosa Robichaud says:

    Would LOVE to win a free copy!

    Tks for the Give-A-Way!!!

    Rosa Robichaud
    robich AT

  43. Tammy Hempel says:

    I really REALLY like getting quilting magazines!! For me I am not sure why but I would love to get this issue. Thank you for the giveaway!

  44. Froma Sommers says:

    Thank you for the chance of a win.

  45. linda kohn says:

    Really neat.

  46. Debbie Rockel says:

    This is such an awesome idea! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Can’t wait to see the ideas for quilting with others!

  47. Jane says:

    I love receiving McCall’s magazines, for they have such great little projects and explain them to the tea. I have been subscribing to them for over 6 years now. Thank you so much for your great work.

  48. Evelyn says:

    Oooh — quilts to drool over! Looking forward to seeing this issue in person.

  49. Alice Welch says:

    Just learning to quilt and love sharing with others who are also learning. Winning a new magazine would be delightful! Thanks for the chance.

  50. Debbie Moore says:

    What a great looking cover. I would love to win one of these.

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