QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden Bosch

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden BoschTerri Vanden Bosch QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden BoschWOW WOW WOW what an amazing adventure this has been—from the first “what if” to this final “I can’t believe it”!!!! I have stretched my horizons in so many ways that any limits I put on myself before are now gone!! Any designing doubts in my mind have been erased and replaced with the goal of pushing myself toward new and bigger dreams.

Each challenge in this contest was made to build upon and get ready for the next one. Each one a stepping stone for the final test—to come up with a design built upon a wide open concept. The “Opposites Attract” concept has challenged me to look at who I am as a designer and where I want to be as a quilt designer. Places I wouldn’t have even dreamt about before this contest!!

goodcolorwheelphoto 1 low res QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden BoschMy reaction to the challenge theme was immediate—and in my research—the same reaction as my Mother and Lois, my quilting partner in crime and also my daughter—so I guess I must be on the right track for my final quilt in this contest. The sketch is drawn, the fabrics ordered from Cherrywood Fabrics and the EQ7 plan is next—right after I heal from having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled!! As the deadline draws closer watch my blog meanderingsalonglizardcreek.blogspot.com for some peeks into my inspirations and pieces of the final product.

I leave this last blog posting in my McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012 with a quote from inspirational author Roy Lessin…Quilts are like letters that share someone’s thoughts…like books that tell someone’s story…like journals that reflect someone’s heart.

Thank you and God Bless.


Click here for Terri Vanden Bosch’s McCall’s Quilt Design Star 2012 bio page.

This update has been brought to you by Gammill, one of our fine QDS 2012 sponsors.

Gammill 300px QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden Bosch

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2 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 3 Designer: Terri Vanden Bosch

  1. Lisette Léveillé says:

    Terri, all the best in the Final Challenge. This has definitely been an excellent quilting adventure.

  2. Lois says:

    Terri, I wish you all the best and I only know of one person that can dare to dream this big, and that is you!!! God Bless you!!!

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