QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie Benefiel

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie Benefiel Julie Benefiel QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie BenefielMQ: What was your reaction when you first realized you would be required to design a quilt that incorporated the fabric you received?

“My first reaction to the challenge fabric was, ‘OMG! That’s a BIG PRINT! Holy guacamole Batman!’”

SANY0107 400px QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie Benefiel

Fabric choices.

MQ: What was the first step you took to design this Challenge 2 quilt?

“Well… I showed the fabric to everyone and I do mean everyone! I carried it around with me for several days waiting for inspiration to strike. When that didn’t work, I took the challenge fabric to work, pinned it to the wall and looked at it for 10 hours and that still didn’t work! My husband was worried I would lose the fabric before I even got started on my design!”

406298 400px QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie Benefiel

With my friend Sarah French; she and the rest of the Trashy Women and Material Girls are the best cheerleading squad you could ask for!

MQ: Has your community responded to your participation in Quilt DesignStar™ in any way?

“My quilty friends have been super supportive of this endeavor…they’re the ones that encouraged me to enter the contest. Nancy Mason, one of my BFFs and owner of The River’s Edge Fabric Company, has been trying to push me out of my comfort zone for years! I have designed several quilts for the shop and since the beginning she has been after me to submit my designs for publication. It was on my Bucket List this year so here I am!

Click here to read Julie Benefiel’s McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012 bio page.

This update has been brought to you by Free Spirit one of our fine QDS™ 2012 sponsors.

Free Spirit 200px1 QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Julie Benefiel

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  1. Julie,
    You are too funny! I bet you came up with a wonderful design! Can’t wait to see it!

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