QDS Challenge 2 Designer: Donna Schipper Moyer

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS Challenge 2 Designer: Donna Schipper MoyerDonna Moyer QDS Challenge 2 Designer: Donna Schipper Moyer

I must admit I was a bit dismayed when I opened the fabric package.  sually, when I begin a new quilt I have a design in mind, and then work to find just the right fabrics to bring it to life. In this case I was looking at a fabric that I probably never would have chosen on my own, and for just a brief moment, I hoped I wouldn’t be chosen to go on to Challenge 2.

Thankfully, I was chosen to continue in this competition, and I am learning some things about myself and my ability to come up with ideas much more quickly than I ever thought possible. I did a little research into the origins of ancient paisleys and found fascinating information that helped refine my design.

033 400px QDS Challenge 2 Designer: Donna Schipper MoyerThe fabrics I chose to accompany the required paisley have a little gold glitz on them that probably won’t show up in the final photo which is a shame because up close they are beautiful and rich. Also, once the design is quilted (after the competition) I intend to add some additional bejeweled sparkle to complete the feeling of opulence I am trying to achieve.  Too bad that won’t be seen either, but in any case I’ll have a nice quilt to enter in a regional show sometime soon.

040 400px QDS Challenge 2 Designer: Donna Schipper MoyerSome of the work I did in Challenge 1 was done by machine, but virtually all of the work on the Challenge 2 quilt will be by hand. Yes, I could do machine applique and it would be faster, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be as pleased with the result when all was said and done.

It is interesting to work from a sketch that has no definite size attached to it. I began with a little drawing about 4” square. I believe my finished product will be about 50 x 50. Amazing. It is such fun to be able to go where the design takes me—no boundaries, nothing but what my eyes and heart tell me to do. The Challenge 2 quilt top is a long way from being done, and I expect many more changes and refinements will take place right up until the time we take the picture. What a blast I am having.  Thanks for the opportunity.

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This update has been brought to you by Accuquilt one of our fine QDS™ 2012 sponsors.

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