QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Joy Tallman

2012 QDS OFFICIAL LOGO4 QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Joy Tallman

Joy Tallman QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Joy Tallman“I started designing in my mind the minute I opened the package of fabric. Oh what fun, whimsical fabric and my favorite a black print.

Normally, I start with the design and have a direction to go in. But with this competition, starting with such cute fabric is good too. I hung the fabric on my design wall and “lived” with it until I received the guidelines. My design is based on a round robin quilt I did in 2007. After that experience, I love working with a medallion design.

stitching 400px 300x225 QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Joy TallmanI have used many of the items that were sent in the gift box. Ironically, for as much appliqué as I do, I did not have a mini iron. The Clover iron you sent me….AWESOME! How did I work without one. The Clover rotary cutter is handy also.

My coworkers and friends have been so supportive. The guys I work with have now become quilt critics and as I worked on my design “helped” as I went. Who knew they had a creative side. I do feel that I am blessed being able to continue in the contest. Thank you sooo much.”

Click here to read Joy Tallman’s McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012 bio page.

This update has been brought to you by Viking one of our fine QDS™ 2012 sponsors.

Viking red text only 200px QDS™ Challenge 2 Designer: Joy Tallman

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