Ireland Block #8, Forty Shades of Green

After much patience on the part of all you Ireland quilt makers, here is Block #8. There is a famous song in Ireland called Forty Shades of Green, so this block has 40 different green fabrics (and 1 sneaky blue). The blue is to remind me of 1 of the many lakes we saw on our trip. This block uses fusible applique, but only on the curved edges so the block isn’t so heavy and the excess backing fabric can be cut away. Directions are in the works and I thank you all for hanging in there with me. The remaining 4 blocks will be posted at the rate of 1 per week, beginning next week (if my family manages to remain healthy for that long!). Happy Quilting! Laura

Click here to download your FREE 40 Shades of Green quilt block pattern!

40 Shades 002 1024x768 Ireland Block #8, Forty Shades of Green

Ireland really is this amazingly green!

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7 Responses to Ireland Block #8, Forty Shades of Green

  1. Theresa Kuropatwinski says:

    When will we have the pattern for this block I need to print it so I can start sewing it…Thanks

  2. Barbara says:

    I have been following this quilt and collecting the blocks but all of a sudden I can’t find a place to download block 8, would appreciate being able to get the rest of the blocks and don’t know why all of a sudden I can’t.

  3. Valerie says:

    Thank you so much for your patience…please stay tuned! Laura was excited to share this Forty Shades of Green block design with you, but the patterning goes through an intensive editing process to ensure that you have an excellent finished pattern to work from. The pattern for block #8 has not yet been posted, but will be soon.

  4. amroney says:

    Hooray – I’ve been waiting for the next block. The blue can represent the Lakes of Killarney! Looking forward to the rest also! I’ve been collecting greens for the last two years with the goal of a “Forty Shades of Green” quilt. I hope to have it finished before I go to Ireland next year!

  5. Laura says:

    Hi Amroney!

    The block instructions have left the Art Dept. and are on their way to being posted! They should be uploaded no later than tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone for your patience.


  6. Landa Rogers says:

    I love the quilt and it really fitting since my husband’s mother and two sisters took a trip to Ireland to look up the history. Can’t wait to get the rest. I am however having difficulty printing Fairies and Flower Petals Block – the image is locked out. Can you help?
    Your “sister”, Landa

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