Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

It’s still Friday, June 8th, but the evening has arrived. So, it’s on to the streets of Galway!! This evening we treated ourselves to the fun of a history lesson and “pub crawl” in this warm and welcoming town. Our guides were a knowledgeable student named Dónal Ó Catháin, and a couple of his friends, Rab and Hanne-Mette. Here’s a photo of the first pub we visited.

pub crawl 0013 Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

That’s red-headed Dónal with his back to the camera.

Dónal’s extensive knowledge of Galway really added to our enjoyment, giving us a bit of insight into the Irish culture. In Ireland a pub is a community meeting place, it’s where you get together with family and friends to have a meal, sing along with the music, or watch football (soccer) after work.

IMG 0771 969x1024 Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

Here are Gerri (Robinson) and Sherri enjoying the friendly atmosphere of an Irish pub.

All of the pubs we visited were really crowded, so we sat where we could and in one pub I was lucky enough to sit next to three young people approximately the same ages as my kids. The oldest girl, 20 years old, had just finished her finals, the youngest girl (19) is a singer, and the boy (17) is a musician. They very companionably moved over so I could sit down and we had such a nice chat. I felt really comfortable with them, so welcome, despite the difference in ages. The comfy, multi-generational atmosphere soothed my travel-weary spirit!

Here’s a photo of the second pub we visited, isn’t it delightful to look at?!

pub crawl 0025 300x225 Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

These squares, rectangles, and diamonds (all outlined in red), are giving me some happy quilterly ideas!

One of the pubs Dónal took us to had this amazing mosaic on the floor. One of the things I like best about traveling is being inspired by all sorts of things. I’m glad I’ve learned to look down!

Ireland trip 2012 082 1024x768 Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

Remind you of anything?

We finished our evening with a wonderful plate of Irish stew and many hugs and thanks for Dónal and his friends… they made our introduction to Galway (and pubs) one of the highlights of our trip.

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7 Responses to Notes from Ireland: Galway Day 1, Evening

  1. Irene Baldock says:

    Sounds like you had a really wonderful experience. I love the tiled floor. It’s the sort of photo I take!

  2. Kathy Sherman says:

    Great time was had by all, and our pub crawl tour guides were the best, would recommend this to any person visiting Ireland

  3. Jean says:

    will you be posting any pics of quilts you saw there? will there be any more than the 7 blocks that have been given to date?
    Jean Trego

  4. Laura says:

    Hi Jean,
    I probably won’t be able to post more photos because I don’t have permission from their makers. As to more blocks, I finished a new one last night and it should be upon the website by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay!!

  5. Patsy Kincaid says:

    Laura, did I miss quilt block no. 8? I’ve been looking daily and haven’t found it. Thanks, Patsy


  6. Laura says:

    Hi Patsy,

    Thanks for being soooo patient! Block #8 instructions are now up on the website. Just click on the tab labeled Blocks and Patterns and it’s the first block you’ll see. I’ll have a photo of Block #9 for you tomorrow.


  7. marilyn j. mowatt says:

    I’ve been to Ireland twice and would go back many more times. Ireland has much history to offer and many gosts storeies.

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