QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Lola Bryant

Please welcome Lola Bryant, an Amateur category finalist, to McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012!

Lola says: “I am so thrilled that I was selected as one of the 15 finalists in the Amateur category.  It did take me several years to come up with the design for Ladies of the Orient, so doing one in less than a month is a real challenge to me.  I guess that is why it is called a challenge!”

Lola Bryant edit 270x300 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Lola BryantHer entry-round quilt is titled “Ladies of the Orient”.

Lola Bryant Ladies of the Orient 266x300 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Lola Bryant

Ladies of the Orient

Lola tells us about her Challenge 1 experience thus far: “Well I am off to a start, of sorts. This is my first time making the Amish Star Block, and my fabric choices on my first attempt just did not speak to me. The fabric choices I first selected were influenced by the Amish quilts I have seen displayed, but now I think I will depart from that if I finish this first attempt in time to do another. I decided to go ahead and proceed with this block and add the other elements I selected to make it the required size. Then, hopefully, I will have time to select a different choice of fabrics and ‘do-over’. Perhaps I would do better if I actually had a pet to share my work space with as I noticed on some of the other contestants bios. Maybe I can convince my hubby to come sit on the sewing machine while I try to quilt. Nah, that would NOT work.

IMG 3280 300x225 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Lola BryantI am not an accomplished artist, so the designs I sketch by hand make it a bit hard to visualize – somehow what comes from my head to my pencil just doesn’t look the same. I have a quilt wizard, but the only success I had using it was when my quilting sister and I sat together and worked out a design. Alas, she doesn’t live close by me and I am lost when I try to use the wizard, would much rather be actually quilting. Too bad the design we worked up did not include the Amish Star Block. Sigh…

IMG 3284 300x225 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Lola Bryant

Lola hard at work on her quilt!

Meanwhile, the rest of my life goes on.  Yesterday I spent the day at the Blue Ridge Music Center as a volunteer, selling tickets for that day’s concert of Old-time, bluegrass, and gospel music. Today, I am packing up my fabric, my machine and patterns and heading over to sit with my mother (age 92) while my sister is away. Mama lives with my other quilting sister since she can no longer be in her own home. She spends most of the day either watching television or napping, so I will have plenty of time to work on my challenge.” Good luck, Lola!

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Timeless 200px QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Lola Bryant

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3 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Lola Bryant

  1. Lisette Léveillé says:

    Congratulations Lola. I like your sence of humor…Like you I don’t have a pet to share my sewing rooms … it would only spread all the thread bits around the house….All the best with your quilt, look forward to see all finalists quilts next Tuesday.

  2. Tami P says:

    If ya want mama, I could rent you Miss Kitty? Although she isn’t very good about laying around when people are present.

  3. Terri Vanden Bosch says:

    Lola–Sounds like you are having as much fun with this challenge as I did!!! Can’t wait to see what we all came up with!!

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