QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Chris Hoover

Chris Hoover, a Professional category finalist in McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2012, submitted her quilt “Taos”in our entry-round.

Chris Hoover Taos 297x300 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Chris Hoover


at machine 300x240 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Chris Hoover“My family and friends have been very enthusiastic and supportive, sending out emails to friends to urge them to check out the competition and to vote.”

Chris tells us how she plans to start her Challenge 1 quilt: “I usually begin by placing the block in EQ both in a horizontal setting and on point. From there, I just start playing with the center part of the quilt looking for interesting intersections and designs that appear when I change the colors, delete or add lines. Then I move on to the borders. At that point, I may go back and change the center depending on what borders I come up with. I love batik fabrics, so will probably start with those first.”

“I used a modified Storm at Sea Block as one of the blocks in the Taos quilt.  I like to choose a traditional block and then ‘rework’ it by either adding lines or deleting lines to create a new block.”

Chris shared some photos of her quilting ‘helpers’ with us:

Jas and Yoda 225x300 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Chris Hoover

Chris' quilting companions, Jas and Yoda

simon 300x226 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Chris Hoover

Simon, another sewing buddy

Along with Jas, Yoda, and Simon, Chris’ other dog Lucy is usually found laying over her feet as she sews. Good luck on Challenge 1, Chris!

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This QDS™ update has been brought to you by one of our sponsors, Rowan (Westminister Fibers)!Rowan 200px QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Chris Hoover

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4 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Chris Hoover

  1. Joy Tallman says:

    Hi Chris,
    Congrats! I love your picture of your dogs on the bed, I have a Rat Terrier named LuLu who thinks she owns my side of the bed. Good Luck on your challange, by the
    looks of your color choice on your entry piece, I am sure it will be a breeze for you.
    I am looking forward to seeing your entry on Tuesday.

  2. Terri Vanden Bosch says:

    I have seen this quilt around–nice to meet the designer. Looking forward to Tuesday when all our hard work will be revealed!!

  3. Margaret White says:

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt entry. Your design and use of color are awesome.Its good that your doggies help you quilt, and the cat, too.

  4. Susie Biby says:

    Do you give permisssion if we (Pass Patchers Quilt Guilt) use your quilt design as an opportunity quilt for our fund raiser?
    Susie Biby
    Pass Patchers Quilt Guild
    Beaumont, Ca

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