More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to Killarney

Today our merry band of quilters (and others) had a wonderful journey from Dublin to Killarney with a couple of fabulous stops along the way. Oh, the sights we’re seeing along the roads of Ireland! This castle is being restored, hence the scaffolding. The views are just stunning. We’re watching clouds breaking on the hills like waves on the beach. And the sky is the most unbelievable blue.

Photo 1 More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to KillarneyOne of the places we stopped was Blarney Castle. The grounds are gorgeous, full of old trees and flowers, and many of our intrepid travelers climbed the 125 (or so) old, worn, stone steps to the top of the tower to kiss the Blarney Stone and acquire the gift of eloquence! There are many legends about the stone, including that the stone was able to identify kings. Just Google Blarney Stone online to read some of these for yourself.

Photo 2 Blarney Castle More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to Killarney

The unbelievably huge and wonderful store at Blarney was another delight. Four floors of Irish sweaters and ceramics, jewelry and linens, and treats of every description. You can bet our coaches were carrying a much heavier load after our shopping spree!

Photo 3 1 More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to KillarneyAmong other things, I bought this little Irish china eggcup with a cat (lion?) head on both sides and a bag of clove “rock” hard candy. It reminds me of the clove gum from my childhood…yummy!

Photo 4 More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to KillarneyPhoto 5 More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to Killarney

This photo I took from my room in our hotel of one of our quilters resting after the bus trip. It’s so beautiful here!

Photo 6 More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to Killarney


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4 Responses to More Notes from Ireland: Dublin to Killarney

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    My mom who was 100% Irish and I were in Ireland about 1985. It was such a beautiful trip. We also went to the Blarney castle and the Woolen Mills. What a great country.

  2. Jane Sheppard says:

    This was the trip of a lifetime, worth every budget cut to achieve! The country was as beautiful as anything you ever read. The McCall’s staff were wonderful and caring about every traveler in our group. I’d go again tomorrow!

  3. Beverley Fox says:

    I too was on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed the people and the scenery. The number of pubs with the name “Fox” in them was amazing. I even found a store in Dublin called James Fox Cigars and Whiskey. Since that was my husband’s name and he just passed away seven months ago, I found it so moving. The group of gals with me ensured me that he was there in Ireland with me. His family came from West Meath and travelling to Ireland was on our “bucket” list; unfortunately, he never got the chance to go. Ireland certainly is on my list of “do agains”! Can’t wait to get started on my Irish quilt as a memento of a wonderful country. Kudos to the McCall’s staff who were wonderful. Now when I read my magazine, I feel like it’s a letter from an old friend. Thanks again for the terrific experience.

  4. I definitely enjoyed reading that. You touched my heart!

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