Notes from Ireland

McCall’s assistant editor Laura Stone Roberts reports from the McCall’s Quilting tour of Ireland, now in progress:

“Well, here we are in gorgeously green Ireland! Yesterday we had a panoramic tour of Dublin while we moved past our jetlag and got to know one another. Today we started off with a visit to the Avoca woolen mills. Talk about gorgeous! They make throws and scarves here that just glow with color and it was such a treat to see how the wool fabrics are made.

Here’s a photo of  the warp threads for a rainbow-colored fabric wrapped around a drum to keep them in perfectly aligned order. You can see our hostess from Avoca explaining the process to some McCall’s travelers.

Ireland blog A 300x225 Notes from Ireland

McCall's travelers visit an Avoca woolen mill


One of the best parts of this trip is making new friends. In this photo, Gerri Robinson, McCall’s quilt designer and one of our tour hostesses, and Pauline, one of our Irish tour guides, are at the Avoca mill.

B 300x225 Notes from Ireland

Quilter extraordinaire Gerri Robinson (right) with our Irish tour guide


In the afternoon we went to the ruins of a 6th century monastery (St. Kevin’s Monastic Settlement). The weather brought the perfect atmosphere to this mystical place, full of ancient stone walls, lichen-covered gravestones, and calling ravens. This photo is of the corner of one wall in the remnants of the cathedral. I guess flying geese have been around a long, long time!

C 225x300 Notes from Ireland

St. Kevin's Monastic Settlement


It’s been fun sharing a tiny bit of our trip in this blog, but unfortunately it’s now time for me to go fortify myself with tea, scones, clotted cream, and homemade strawberry jam so I’ll have to get off the computer for now.”

For ‘tis green, green, green,

where the ruined towers are gray,

And it’s green, green, green,

all the happy night and day;

Green of leaf and green of sod,

green of ivy on the wall,

And the blessed Irish shamrock

with the fairest green of all.

-Mary Elizabeth Blake


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6 Responses to Notes from Ireland

  1. Peggy says:

    I guess the Ireland quilt will never get updated. I will have to add my own green and white blocks to finish it.

  2. Pat Hersl says:

    Be sure to notice the doors. Dublin has the most wonderful front doors.

  3. Carolyn Hopman says:

    Look for my friends from Faribault MN. They went to see the flowers the made and sent over there

  4. Laura says:

    Not to worry, Peggy. Block #8 is being patterned right now, with the remaining blocks to follow in short order (I wanted to put some real Irish fabric into my last 4 blocks).

  5. Karol Kocer says:

    Where do I find the pattern for the finished quilt?

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