McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 5

I had a very busy quilting weekend (again)! The first two blocks I decided to tackle were Whirling Geese and Crystals. Don’t forget, all 12 of my blocks can be found in McCall’s FREE Quilt Block Reference.

More partial seaming! The Whirling Geese Block was easier than the Celtic Twist in construction, but involved some resizing to make it a 12″ square finished block. That would have been very tricky without Aunt Kate’s help.

30 297x300 McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 5

Whirling Geese

This block was a real break for me – I loved using big pieces of fabric again!

The Crystals Block involved making a lot of Flying Geese and half-square triangle units – just looking at the pattern made me nervous! But a new technique helped me out quite a bit with that. By cutting each square that would eventually become a half-square triangle 3 ¼″ rather than 2 7/8″, I could trim the finished half-square triangle units down to the proper size (2 ½” square) instead of worrying about sewing such small pieces together perfectly.

Lara 32 300x225 McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 5I love my final result! All of the paisley prints ended up looking really nice together.

Lara 39 300x297 McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 5


Check back soon to see my final two blocks – that’s right, I did finish them all this weekend!

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One Response to McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 5

  1. Joanna says:

    Crystals is beautiful. Your fabric choice was right on.

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