QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Kristi Parker

Kristi Parker is a Challenge 1 finalist in our Professional category. Her Quilt Design Star™ 2012 entry-round quilt is titled “Autumnal Equinox”.

Kristi Parker Autumnal Equinox QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Kristi Parker

Autumnal Equinox

kRISTI 300x225 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Kristi Parker


“I am looking forward to working on the first challenge! The only other time I have made a Storm at Sea quilt was for a raffle at my church, many years ago. It was a straight set made with traditional fabrics, but we sold a lot of tickets so I think people liked it.”


Kristi shares a fascinating story about her inspiration for her Challenge 1 quilt:
“When considering what to do for this challenge, my thoughts went immediately to my great-grandfather, Charles. He was a sea captain in the late 1800s. His ship and a sister ship set out for Africa to ‘make a fortune’. Charles wanted some money so he could provide well for the love of his life, Louise (pronounced Loo-eye-zee). On the way to Africa, a bad storm kicked up and the two ships got separated. The other ship made it to its destination and back, but Charles’ ship got blown far off course. It was attacked by pirates and all of the crew was killed except for Charles. The pirates spared his life because he was the captain, so they took him captive.
Months later an English sloop rescued Charles off of a slave ship in the Yangtze River and arranged to sail him back to the United States. Louise was very surprised when he showed up one day. She thought he had been lost at sea and that she would never see him again.
Louise and Charles were married, and he promised never to go to sea again.

So as I audition fabrics for the design challenge, I am gravitating towards fabrics that remind me of ocean waters.  I’m going to get busy cutting templates and starting to sew as soon as possible.  There’s a wedding, a graduation, and a road trip all happening before the June 17th deadline, so I have to make efficient use of my time.” Good luck, Kristi!

1FabAudition 300x225 QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Kristi Parker

Kristi's first fabric audition for Challenge 1

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This QDS™ update has been brought to you by Rowan (Westminster Fibers)!

Rowan 200px QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase   Kristi Parker

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5 Responses to QDS™ Challenge 1 Showcase – Kristi Parker

  1. Congratulations to you Kristi. You are an exceptionally talented designer/quilter. I look forward to seeing your Storm at Sea. Great inspirational story.
    Marie S.

  2. Julie says:

    Congrats! Love your quilt! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Andrea says:

    What a wonderful family history you have as inspiration to spur you onward! Congrats on your design challenge!

  4. Cathie in Ut says:

    I have plans for a Storm At Sea in colors very similar! Can’t wait to see what you create
    Best of luck in the contest

  5. Judy says:

    Beautiful fabrics you have laid out there..I can’t wait to see all the projects for this round.
    Good Luck to everyone!

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