McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 2.5

Hello, all! It’s Lara, back again with more from my quilting escapades!

As always, each of the blocks I’ve made can be found in McCall’s Quilt Block Reference. If you know a beginning quilter who needs some simple blocks to learn with, this is a perfect place to find ideas for them! You can also find Intermediate and Advanced level choices for the more experienced quilter.

The third block I attempted this past weekend was the Ohio Star Block. I chose bright, sunny, orange fabrics for this block and it turned out looking very tropical and summery!

Lara 011 300x225 McCalls Quilting Interns First Quilt: Part 2.5

Ohio Star

A great technique I learned over the weekend was chain piecing, which I used a lot in creating this block.

Lara 00013 225x300 McCalls Quilting Interns First Quilt: Part 2.5

Chain Piecing

Since I had to sew 16 quarter-square triangles together to make this block, sewing one after another without stopping shortened the entire process. It’s not very easy to see in the picture above, but there is a piece of tape on my sewing machine. This tape is lined up with the outer right edge of the sewing foot to ensure I make perfect ¼″ seams. It has been VERY helpful!

The toughest block I chose to attempt was Card Trick. But by the time it was done, it had become my favorite of the 4 blocks I’ve completed.

Since this block pattern requires so many quarter-square triangles, it’s very easy to get confused and sew the wrong pieces together. I did this quite a few times and spent more time ripping seams than actually sewing! If you haven’t made a block like this before, really consider trying it. The end result is a neat illusion.

Lara 012 300x225 McCalls Quilting Interns First Quilt: Part 2.5

Card Trick

I’m hoping to create at least 4 more blocks over this holiday weekend. I’m thinking about trying the Star in a Star Block and Whirling Geese. I wonder how those will look in the bright colors I’ve been using!

Thanks to all you readers who have been following along with my quilting endeavors. Your comments are so helpful and inspiring! I hope you all enjoy this upcoming holiday and find some time to spend with the friends, family, and quilts you love. Happy Memorial Day!

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2 Responses to McCall’s Quilting Intern’s First Quilt: Part 2.5

  1. Joanna says:

    The bright fabrics you have chosen look so nice together and your blocks look perfect. Thanks for sharing your hints because I can use them. Happy Memorial Day.

  2. Francie Roseen says:

    This is a question for Beth Hayes. I am ready to put my borders on the America the Beautiful Quilt from the 2011 magazines. I really like the way you made yours, but am wondering what your border measurements were and what your half-square triangle size was? I would sure appreciate your comments. I am not a math whiz and am having trouble figuring out how to figure it!!:D

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