Off to Spring Quilt Market

Kansas City Convention Center, here we come! Beth, Laura and I are heading to the spring International Quilt Market in Kansas City, Missouri today.

 Off to Spring Quilt Market

Undoubtedly, someone from your local quilt shop will be in attendance at this market, looking for all the latest and greatest quilting patterns, tools, notions and ideas to bring back for you to enjoy. The market floor is jam-packed with booths hosted by quilting industry representatives for just about anything quilting-related you can imagine. From batting to buttons, clever newly-invented notions and tools, fresh new quilt patterns and quilting designs, sewing machines custom-designed by manufacturers just for quilters, innovative new products to ever-improve our quilting experience…and I haven’t even mentioned FABRIC yet! Market attendees will enjoy previews of all the fabulous upcoming quilting fabrics, as well as have the opportunity to actually meet many of the fabric designers themselves.

This will be my second time attending market; my first market was in Houston last fall. If this is anything like the last market, it will be a whirlwind of information and delightful sensory-overload. I’d better sign-off for now, and if I’m wise, take a quick nap…hmm, maybe I should grab a cup of caffeine, um, I mean, coffee, instead!

If you’re interested to enjoy a few quick snapshots and tidbits of info that I’ll be sharing from market, be sure to like us on Facebook, as that’s where I’ll be posting.

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