Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

Westward Journey Quilt Along (Click link to see all posts.)

I hope you’ve been enjoying sewing your blocks. Here are a few more of mine:

fussy block Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6block 111 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6block 121 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6 4 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6Over the weekend, I’ve almost finished all the blocks…just 4 more to go. When I have those last blocks sewn,  I’ll spread all 25 blocks out on my design wall and floor, and arrange them until I’m pleased with the combination. Next, I’ll stitch 5 rows of 5 blocks each, rotating them as shown in the Assembly Diagram below.

Assembly Diagram 350px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6I haven’t yet decided how I’ll quilt mine, but Beth’s version (shown below) is machine quilted with a continuous stars & loops design in navy thread.

Westward Journey flat 600px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6Remember those 15 2½″ strips we set aside in Part 3 of this Quilt Along? When you’re ready to bind your quilt, you’ll sew those assorted strips end to end using diagonal seams, like shown in the diagram below, to create your binding. For great step-by-step photos, instructions and videos, please refer to our Binding Lessons page.

Diagram 2 350px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

We’re so excited…America Makes Fast Quilts has been printed and is on its way to your local quilt shops and newsstands! It will soon be available to order from our online Quilt & Sew Shop, as well.

Cover 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6How about a few more previews of fast quilt patterns featured in this special issue?

Big Print Bounty 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

Big Print Bounty: sophisticated use of modern large prints

Gelato 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

Gelato: speedy strip-piecing construction and a clever all-machine-stitched binding technique

Cafeteria Line 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

Cafeteria Line: a simple, stylized design using 5 feature prints + a background fabric

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7 Responses to Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 6

  1. Lori says:

    I have been enjoying reading about your quilts. I am so loving the colors of the fabrics that you are using in the Westward Journey Quilt Along. What is the name of the fabrics and where did you get them?

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Lori, Thanks for your encouragement! I used some fabrics from the Gypsy Breeze collection by Marie Osmond for Quilting Treasures (sadly, no longer available), as well as many fabrics from my stash. -Valerie

  3. Irene Baldock says:

    Hi Valerie,

    I’m still cutting!! You are working so fast and your blocks are super. I’m not using any particular collection of fabric, just stuff from my stash which is great as I have so much of it!

  4. Gina C says:

    Valerie, thanks so much for doing this quilt online. Your blocks are really pretty. I’m having so much fun and getting it done so fast. I am using from my stash, but I think the colors will come together. I have 3 blocks still to put together. I had 2 finished before your idea of stringing 4 together, but that make it a lot faster, especially with not having to stop to press as often. I have been laying mine out (on the floor) as I get a row finished, but still moving them around a bit as I add more. Oh, to have a design wall.

  5. Tina says:

    I love the colors you’ve chosen for each of your quilts. They really pop!

  6. Jenelle JB says:

    I’m on my last two blocks and will get them done tomorrow. I too have been putting them up on the design wall and rearranging them often. I think I’ve decided not to be so picky and just go for it. I’m glad I went with the Christmas fabric.

  7. sherry says:

    All you girls wishing for a Design wall………..I just went down and bought some really wide white flannel and I thumbtack it up on a wall and walla…Design Wall. I can put alot of quilt blocks wide and about the same amount plus one down and that way I can reach all of them and boy does it help laying stuff out. I can move things around until I am happy with them and not have a back killing me when I am finished. When I am finished I just leave it up in the room I quilt in, but if I have company and want to take it down it isn’t a problem.

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