Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5

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As I finish each block, I give it a final press from the front with a little bit of Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

starch 21 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5If you have some scraps of fabric that aren’t long enough for a strip, or accidentally cut some strips too short, just piece them together and press the seams open, then cut to the needed length.

pieced strips 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5After I made my sample block, I finished cutting all the rest of my fat quarters. Then I had a “fabric play session”, mixing & matching my groups A, B & C (please refer to previous posts for explanation of groups). This actually took me a little while, but I’m glad I took the time to match them all up before stitching all the blocks. I found that when I got down to the last few groups, the remaining combinations didn’t really appeal to me.

Switching out this piece here, that piece there, it began to feel like one of those little sliding-tile puzzle games…do you know what I mean?! When I was happy with the combinations, I neatly stacked them up with the starting square on top.

strip groups 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5Next, I grabbed 4 of the stacks, and set them up next to my sewing machine.

4 strip sets ready to piece Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5Starting with a center square, I stitched its first small rectangle to one side. Then, without snipping the thread, I picked up the next center square and stitched its first small rectangle to one side, continuing like this until I had four center squares each with one small rectangle stitched to its side.

chain piecing 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5Then, I snipped the threads holding the “chain” of pieces together, and proceeded to stitch the other small rectangle to each small square’s opposite side. I snipped the threads holding the “chain” of pieces together like before, pressed each seam flat, then away from the center, like shown in the last blog post. I repeated the same chain-piecing steps until all the rounds were finished for the four blocks, then pressed each finished block with a little Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

I’m setting a goal for myself to piece at least 4 blocks a night. With all of the block pieces neatly stacked and ready to go, the sewing goes pretty fast at this point. Here are a couple more of my finished blocks:

2 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5 4 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5Check back soon for our next Westward Journey Quilt Along post!

Here’s a sneak peek at Cat Show, featured in our upcoming special issue, America Makes Fast Quilts. This pattern is great for using some of your favorite novelty prints!Cat Show Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5

America Makes Fast Quilts…coming soon to a quilt shop or newsstand near you!

Cover 300px3 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5

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7 Responses to Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 5

  1. Denise S. says:

    I need to get this.

  2. Laurel Giard says:

    How would i be able to get the pattern if i just started receiving your te

  3. Irene Baldock says:

    Your blocks look fabulous. I’m still cutting my fabric.

  4. Shirley O says:

    Four blocks done- fun & easy. I LOVE this pattern! And, using up some of my fabric stash, too~

  5. Gina C says:

    I had made 2 blocks before today. I finally got all my fabric cut and divided out. And made 4 more blocks today. I pulled fabrics from my stash and actually cut fat quarters from them, making an extra set to keep for other projects. I noticed that the picture had some blocks made from just 2 colors and I liked that so am making a few blocks like that. It’s going to be a bit scrappy, but hopefully all will look ok together when it’s finished.

  6. Valerie says:

    Hi Laurel, Glad you’re joining! Please click the link at the top of the post to see all Westward Journey Quilt Along posts listed on one page, and start with America Loves Fast Quilts: Westward Journey Quilt Along. You’ll find all patterns and directions throughout the posts.

  7. Joanie says:

    4 blocks a night. I love a simple goal. I will be doing this one soon.

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