Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4

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Let’s make sure we’re sewing with an accurate scant ¼″ seam allowance. It will make our carefully cut block pieces go together so very smoothly. Kathy Patterson, our senior editor, has a great FREE video tutorial for accurate ¼″ quilting seam allowances on our website. I recently discovered the nifty Perfect Piecing Seam Guide by Perkins Dry Goods at my local quilt shop, and thought it was very helpful. It actually has a hole to lower your needle into, then you attach your tape or short stack of sticky notes onto your machine bed, butted up against the ruler edge.

Perkins 1 300x225 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4As you stitch your strips, keep them butted up against your tape or short stack of sticky notes.

Perkins 3 300x225 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4Referring to Diagram I below, use 1 each of groups A, B, and C patches to make White House Steps Block. We’ll be making 25 blocks in this quilt along.

Diagram 1 350px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4
I pulled fabrics from my groups A (3½″ squares), B (2 rectangles 3½″, 2 strips 6½″, 2 strips 9½″, and 2 strips 12½″)  and C (2 strips 6½″ and 2 strips 9½″) together for a block…

group strips 2 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4and stitched ‘em up, using my little stack of sticky notes as a seam guide.

sew 1 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4After stitching each pair of strips to opposite sides, press the seams flat to set them, then press the seams away from the center of the block. I usually press the seams to the side from the top of the block so I can make sure there aren’t any little pleats along the seam line.press 1 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4I find my Steady Betty pressing board (reviewed in watcha-McCall’s-it, McCall’s Quick Quilts June/July 2012) especially helpful for this step because it keeps my pieces from distorting as I press. Taking the time to press the seams really helps these blocks go together smoothly. Beth Hayes, our editor-in-chief, has a very helpful FREE video tutorial on pressing basics for quilters.

tray table 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4For pressing your seams as you sew, I highly recommend using a travel-size iron (lighter weight & size is easier on wrists for repeated lifting and setting down), and a small tray table set up next to your sewing machine. Here’s my first sample block:

1 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4In the next Westward Journey Quilt Along post, I’ll talk about using pieced strips from scraps, show you how I set up my workspace for piecing several blocks at a time, and share pictures of some finished blocks. If you’d like to share pictures of  your finished blocks, please email photos to mcq@creativecraftsgroup.com, with Attn: Valerie, Quilt Along in the subject line.

Here’s another sneak peek at one of the 21 fast quilt patterns featured in our upcoming special issue publication:

Cottage Whispers Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4

Cottage Whispers

Make this soft, lovely throw from assorted fabric scraps, yardage, or precut 10″ squares.

America Makes Fast Quilts…coming soon to a quilt shop or newsstand near you!

Cover 300px2 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4

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5 Responses to Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 4

  1. Jean Brittingham says:

    Love your first block! Even though I am an experienced quilter this is a fun quilt to make and you have wonderful step by step directions for the beginner quilter!

  2. Lynda L. says:

    I have just come aboard and would like to know where to find parts 1-3 ? I think it just might be a wonderful quilt to teach a grandaughter how to quilt by.

  3. Valerie says:

    Hi Lynda L., Please click the link at the top of the post to see all posts listed in reverse order on one page. Glad you’re going to follow along!

  4. Ann says:

    I am trying to follow along with your quilt, Westward Journey. I am trying to write down the instructions but am not a fast typer. Is there a way to print these directions?? I’d love to do this quilt and catch up

  5. Kathy says:

    Ann, I’ll send a condensed version of the blog postings to your email address. Enjoy the project! -Kathy Patterson_

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