Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3

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1 orig block Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3

White House Steps Quilt Block

Planning and Cutting
Today, we’ll get started on cutting up our Fat Quarters. Please read through this entire blog post before cutting. Each of the 25 fabrics appears in up to 3 different blocks. As you cut the fat quarters, first cut a 2½˝ x 20-22˝ strip from each of 15 fabrics, and set aside for the pieced binding. Then, cut patches listed from each of the 25 fabrics, and organize as follows:

1 square 3½˝ x 3½˝

2 rectangles 2˝ x 3½˝
2 strips 2˝ x 6½˝
2 strips 2˝ x 9½˝
2 strips 2˝ x 12½˝

2 strips 2˝ x 6½˝
2 strips 2˝ x 9½˝

Each block is made using 1 each of A, B, and C sets, in whatever fabric combinations you find pleasing. We suggest you select these groups for each block before starting construction.

Cutting Instructions (cut in order listed)
25 assorted prints
cut a total of:
15 strips 2½˝ x 20-22˝ (pieced binding)
cut from each:
1 square 3½˝ x 3½˝
2 strips 2˝ x 12½˝
4 strips 2˝ x 9½˝
4 strips 2˝ x 6½˝
2 rectangles 2˝ x 3½˝

To start, I decided to make a sample block, since I’ve learned from experience that I tend to rush and make mistakes! I chose 3 fat quarters for my sample block, and pressed them all together so they wouldn’t slip while I cut my strips.

strip cutting layout with labels 400px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3First, I trimmed up the left edge of my layers. Then, I cut the 2½″ strip to set aside for the binding. Remember, we’ll only need 15 binding strips, so we won’t need to continue to make this first 2½″ cut after we have our 15. Next, from left to right in photo above, I cut five 2″ strips, then cut each of those down to the lengths needed. Lastly, I cut the 3½″ square from the width of remaining fabric. If you’re new to using a rotary cutter, or could use a quick refresher, check out our FREE online quilting lesson: Rotary Cutting Basics, Safety, & Maintenance.

Have fun choosing and cutting your three fabrics for your first block! Check back here on our McCall’s Quilting Editors’ Blog for the next step in our Westward Journey Quilt Along.

Here are the complete fabric requirements for this finished quilt:

Fabric Requirements
25 assorted prints (blocks, pieced binding): 1 fat quarter* each
Backing: 4 yards
Batting size: 70˝ x 70˝
*A fat quarter is an 18˝ x 20-22˝ cut of fabric.

By the time we’ve finished this quilt along, our special issue publication of America Makes Fast Quilts will be hot off the press! Here’s a sneak peek at one of the fast quilts patterned in the issue:

Little Princess 300px Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3It’s titled Little Princess, and the pattern enables you to use a pre-cut jelly roll of fabric for a head start, if you choose. We’ll even tell you how to enter a contest to win a Moda jelly roll of fabric that is shown in the quilt!

America Makes Fast Quilts…coming soon to a quilt shop or newsstand near you!

Cover 300px1 Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3


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3 Responses to Westward Journey Quilt Along, Part 3

  1. GwenH says:

    Wish I could work on this quilt, but have to work on my darn income taxe… (due the end of this month in Canada), then I will be getting going on my month end. But I will definitley follow along when I can… looks like a lovely pattern.

  2. Justin Crouch says:

    This project is really fun!!! I have put together 2 blocks. I stopped there because as always i get ahead of myself and make a mistake. All my fabric is cut and ready to go. I cant wait for the next step!!!

  3. Jean Brittingham says:

    Thanks, really helps to see the diagram of how you cut your fat quarters!

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