New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

A while back I put the first four blocks of my Ireland quilt up on my wall and felt like something was missing. It took some time to put my finger on it, but I finally realized that my quilt needed some appliqué. The quilt I’m designing is super-scrappy and I also think of it as a kind of sampler quilt, which means that I want to use lots of different techniques in the blocks. Appliqué can be done in many fun ways and these next three blocks are going to show you some of my favorite techniques.

Block #5 is my Fairy Ring Block. We’ll be posting instructions for it later this week. Here’s a photo of it! Feel free to pin it to your Pinterest boards!

Ireland Block 5 Fairy Ring 300x225 New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

This was so fun to make!

I used English Paper-Piecing to make the ring of hexagons and then used wool thread and my machine to blanket-stitch the ring to a 14″ square of fabric. Then I centered the fairy hexagon and stitched it in place. Finally, I trimmed the square to 12 ½” x 12 ½” to finish the block. On our trip to Ireland in June we’re going to be teaching English Paper-Piecing… how’s that for a fun place to learn something new?! Which reminds me, if you haven’t reserved your spot on our Ireland trip, click here for all the 2012 McCall’s Quilting Ireland Tour information.

I had a lot of fun choosing the fabrics for this block from the Irish-themed fabrics I’ve been picking up (this is THE time of year to get them, isn’t it!!). Of course sometimes I get a fabric home and realize that it just doesn’t fit into my quilt, especially now that my quilt has settled into a jewel-toned palette that doesn’t seem to play well with fabrics that have any gray tones to them. When that happens I’m left with lonely fabric. Here’s a photo of one of my lonely fabrics:

harp fabric for giveaway1 300x225 New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

Isn't this fabric lovely? It just doesn't fit with my others.

I have a couple of squares of this fabric to give away! They’re both big enough to be an appliqué block background (at least 13″ square). If you think one of these squares could find a happy home with you, just enter by commenting below from now through March 18, and we’ll pick 2 random winners on March 19. Winners will be posted here.

Block #6 is my Irish Cross Block. We’re hoping to have the instructions for it posted by St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. Here it is:

Ireland Block 7 Irish Cross 300x225 New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

This is an Easter cross to me, which is why pink thread flowers are blooming on it.

If you look in the center of the cross, you’ll see a little circle of shamrocks. I used the broderie perse technique to make them. Broderie perse simply means cutting a motif out of fabric and appliquéing it in place. I cut the little shamrocks out of this fabric:

shamrock fabric for giveaway1 300x225 New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

I love these little shamrocks, don't you?

It just so happens that I have 17 pieces of this shamrock fabric to give away! Each has 5 full shamrocks in it in case you want to use them for your block center. Enter by commenting below from now through March 18, and we’ll pick 17 random winners on March 19. Check back here to see who the lucky winners are.

Block #7 is my Seven Lucky Shamrocks Block. Instructions for this one will be posted later this month. Here’s a photo of it:

Ireland Block 6 Seven Lucky Shamrocks 300x225 New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

This was really fast and easy...and it's so cheerful!

All of the appliqué in my blocks can be stitched traditionally or fused in place with fusible web. I chose to fuse these shamrocks and then satin-stitch the edges with a tiny zigzag stitch. I didn’t add decorative stitching because I wanted to keep the block looking really clean to echo the simpler feel of the Lucky Clover Block (Block #1). Now, on to Block #8. It’s another pieced block and as scrappy as can be! Oh, by the way, feel free to pin the block images in my posts onto your Pinterest boards.

Thanks, Laura

3/19/12 Congratulations to winners – please check your email for instructions to claim your prize!

Winners of Harp fabric:
Barbara (3/9/12 post of 8:09 am)
Laurel Kohl

Winners of Shamrocks:
Dorothy Ragland
Maureen Niemeyer
Robbin Golden
Bonnie Meadows
Edna Kidd
Janet Walters
Sharon Griffith
Tambra Vandal
Cathy Byrd
Carol Sawchyn
Sharon M
Carla Riley Bell
Kay suddeth
Kathy M. Boice

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211 Responses to New Ireland Blocks! Photos of #5, #6, and #7, plus fabric giveaways!

  1. Tonia Ward says:

    I am in love with this project. My in-laws come from a very strong Irish background and this will make a super quilt for them.

  2. FinoFiend says:

    I really enjoy all things Celtic. Books, designs, music, and especially fabric. I haven’t become confident enough yet to do celtic knot designs on quilts but I’m working my way there. Inspirational fabrics such as these would be most welcome!

  3. Suzanne Gay says:

    All of these are just delightful!

  4. Cindy W says:

    I’ve been to Ireland twice and absolutely love it! I’m thinking your quilt blocks would make a nice memory quilt.

  5. That harp fabric would be awesome in a music-themed quilt, and the shamrocks are just lovely. Makes me feel so “springy”! Thanks for a chance to win. I love all the blocks, can’t wait to see them made up.

  6. Linda Johnson says:

    I would love to win the Irish fabric contest. My family is mainly Irish and I could complete the quilt for my girls.

  7. Doris Meneses says:

    Ooooh… this. I am going to Ireland next month on a “once in a lifetime” trip and hope to drag my husband to quilt and fabric stores. I would so love to win this so that I could memorialize my trip!!!

  8. Maureen Walsh says:

    Love the Irish fabric and would love to include it in my Irish quilt!

  9. I’m a fairly new quilter, enjoying and learning so much. it’s a wonderful art. would love to win the material to try a new quilt. thanks!

  10. Sally says:

    Love the blocks and the fabrics. The harp fabric looks like it’s begging for some angels!
    Having lots of techniques in the same sampler quilt is the way I generally design and teach. Way to go!

  11. Love those colors! Since I have a wee drop or two, or more, of Irish in me these are blocks I will be doing and the “Irish” fabric would be perfect. Thanks for offering a chance to win the fabric.

  12. Kathleen Graas says:

    The quilt is shaping up beautifully….I can’t wait to see all the blocks. It would be great to have the fabric that you have used.

  13. Joyce Carey says:

    My first-generation-in-this-country Irish husband says that if I really love him, I would make him an Irish quilt. I’ve put it off for a long time but your Irish blocks have made me see it would be so lovely to have a quilt like yours. I especially love block # 6 – it is so delicate, yet so conveys my idea of Ireland and it’s determination and strength. Your work is grand, and I would love to be putting it together with my ‘Irish’ stash for my husband’s Irish quilt.

  14. Edna Kidd says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Love your blocks and fabrics. Would love to win any of them..

  15. Liz Carter says:

    Lovely blocks, what an inspiration for me! I must make an Irish themed quilt! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope I win so I can add your lovely fabric to remember how you inspired me.

  16. Joyce Cloud says:

    Love the blocks that you have posted and also am gonna be doing the first blocks to make a quilt for my new great grandson, Kaden. Sure would be awesome to win some of this fabulous fabric

    Joyce Cloud

  17. Rosemary Bornes says:

    I love your blocks. I’m hoping to try them once I finish some current projects.

  18. Robin says:

    I just love these blocks…Can’t wait to start making this quilt for myself. I just love the fabrics that Laura is using in her blocks.

  19. Ann says:

    What a beauty this is going to be – love the designs that are included.

  20. Judy Waters says:

    ahhh, applique is my favorite. wish i was going to ireland. :(

  21. Sherri Harnock says:

    Wow, your hexagon block is lovely! and I don’t even like green! (ok no hate mail please, lol) That would be such an easier way to make a hexagon quilt, as long as you don’t mine them not touching each other. However, I’m sure with the appliquéing I would find a way to mess that up too! VERY GOOD IDEA THOUGH!

  22. Norma Carter says:

    Love anything Irish!

  23. Claire says:

    Love the Fairy Ring Block, it brings back memories of my late Grandmother. She used to use this shape to do all the Quilts that she made. I have always tried to copy her and I am just beginning to make it look like hers.

  24. Laurel Kohl says:

    I love the shamrock fabric. Like you I would have a problem with the harp fabric – wrong color. When I do green – I really do green. It also appears that I have a problem. I remember seeing Block 1 but now you seem to have leaped up to #5, #6, and #7. Plus it looks like I have missed not only the pictures of the blocks but the patterns also. I am missing something, somewhere. Help!

  25. Laura says:

    Hi Laurel,
    If you look at the top of the blog you’ll see links to the rest of the blocks. Please let us know if you have any more difficulty in finding the rest of the blocks and their photos.

  26. Erin O'Connor French says:

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas for an Irish quilt. Love your website and your blog!

  27. Sheryl Andrews says:

    I’d love to dance around your Fairy Ring, twirling in shades of green and gold.

  28. Sheryl Andrews says:

    I’d love to dance around your Fairy Ring, twirling in shades of green and gold fabric.

  29. Kathy M. Boice says:

    Oh for the luck of an Iris!! I would love to win!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Linda Vitzthum says:

    So many beautiful blocks! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. Jill Hicks says:

    I am loving all the Irish blocks. Thanks for the chance to win the fabric.

  32. Dorothy Holt says:

    Love these blocks!

  33. vickie says:

    I love anything Irish!! Ireland is a destination on my bucket list. I would love to win the fabric because I love quilting and all I need to get inspired is a piece of fabric!

  34. Janice Mockmore says:

    I was looking for something fun for St. Patrick’s Day!

  35. Pat says:

    How I wish my dad were still here so I could make him an Irish quilt! This year would be his 100th birthday. But I am just about to complete a fairy quilt for his first great-granddaughter, and any of these quilt blocks would make a wonderful accompanying pillow and help use some of the fairy scraps left over from the quilt-making! Thanks for a chance to win any one of these lovely fabrics!

  36. Carin McLean says:

    I am back to quilting again after years of being too busy raising my children. I am so excited to see all the fabric options out there~

  37. betty says:

    since my relatives came from ireland, i would love to have the material to make a small quilt for them.

  38. Lee Jacintho says:

    I’ve never seen such cute Irish themed fabrics! They are wonderful. I have an Irish friend whose birthday is in June and these would make a great lap-quilt for her!

  39. Laurel Kohl says:

    With some poking around I located all of the links and added what I hope is a master link to my “favorites” list so maybe I can remind myself to check back (and keep up). I am battling cancer and have problems with my medications messing with my memory.

  40. betty drake says:

    Love all the blocks

  41. Susan says:

    Love the fabrics and quilt blocks!

  42. Vicky Morrow says:

    I am so excited about your Irish quilt! My hubby is Irish, and he will be so thrilled to receive this next Christmas. Thank you for sharing the patterns!

  43. Laura says:

    Hi Laurel,
    I’m so glad you found the links! Here’s wishing that your fabrics bring you joy and comfort as you beat your cancer.

  44. Sharon Meyer says:

    I have been following your quilt blocks and must say they are marvelous. They have inspired me to create my own Irish quilt. Thanks so very much for the inspiration. Happy quilting!

  45. Laura says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I’m so glad you like my blocks. Fabric is so comforting to me, I hope it is for you, too. And, if you sew a little bit whenever you feel good then your blocks will be done before you know it.
    All the best,

  46. Linda says:

    I’d LOVE to win fabrics, notions AND the trip to Ireland!! The Irish blocks are fab!!

  47. Mary Chevalier says:

    It would be so nice to be a winner of some Irish Fabric to use when making this Irish quilt.

  48. Karen A says:

    I have great-great grandparents that were Irish. My daughter has inherited lovely red hair and blue eyes, a sweet lass.

  49. Diane Cullum says:

    I love all the different greens in your Irish blocks!

  50. Bonnie Meadows says:

    I would love to make this quilt and winning the fabric would be a bonus.

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