Call for Submissions – Quilting Together

Each year, McCall’s Quilting publishes a few special issues, available only at local quilt shops, newsstands, or in our online Quilt and Sew Shop.

Do you quilt with a partner or a group? If so, we’d love to hear from you. We’re planning a special issue for 2012 with a quilting-together theme, and this is your invitation to submit stories, photos, and quilt designs that illustrate the fun of quilting in small or large groups.

Email your materials to with the subject line QUILTING TOGETHER, and you may be hearing from us about publishing your story.

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8 Responses to Call for Submissions – Quilting Together

  1. Vicki Musser says:

    I started quilting with my aunt… who taught me everything there was to know about quilting. When she passed away I hadn’t done any quilting for several years but my niece started quilting and it got me motivated to start up again! I love to quilt!!

  2. anne Lewis says:

    In 2007, A lady at church came to me and ask if i would show some of the ladies how to make a quilt. The next week there were 7 of us met and I started them out with making the log cabin quilt using Eleanor Burns books. We are still meeting every Monday morning. We love the fellowship we share and we are all quilting. Some have come and some have gone ,some vacation in FL in the winter but we still have a very nice group and we love sewing together.

  3. Carol OConnor says:

    Besides belonging to a quilt guild,I am also part of a group that meets very Tuesday night.We quilt, do show n tell, swap ideas and give our opinions..helpful or not. We also work on charity quilts together. Tuesday nights are our favorite nights of the week and we look forward to each and everyone.

  4. Denise Applegate-Schober says:

    There were over one dozen ladies that participated in an old fashion block swap. We each started with the same four fabrics and only two rule was given. You must use there of the four fabrics and the block was to be a finished 9″ block.
    It was lots of fun. Blocks came in from around the world. I’m looking forward in participating in another block swap.

  5. Nancy Longley says:

    Our “quilt together” group of six ladies, all belonging to the same Guild started out as 6 people who expressed interestb in meeting to quilt and socialize. It wasn’t long, however, before we decided we wanted to do a group project. After much discussion, we agreed we would each piece a crazy quilt, we would then pass around the quilts for each member to embellish on the other 5 quilts. One member made journals for all 6 members, each with a beautiful machine-embroidered initial that really set a mood of high excitement as we started. Each journal began with the hopes and dreams of each member for her particular quilt. We were not allowed to see our own quilts until finished. At the end, THE DAY OF REVEALING was most exciting and rewarding. We all agreed that all 6 quilts were far more beautiful than any of us expected!

  6. Cheryl Johnson says:

    We call ourselves, “Friends ‘N Stithes” and we have been hand quilting twice a month for over 12 years. It is reminiscent of the quilting bees in the past. A deep and lasting friendship has been forged over the quilting frame. We have traveled together and supported each other through death of spouses, parents and cancer treatments. It all started as a desire to finish quilts and has evolved into something much more.

  7. karen portch says:

    My Mom and my Dad are both quilters and got me hooked! They are retired and live on the other side of the state, but had come over my way for a show. I went with them and got totally addicted. I then found out that a few of my co-workers were also quilters. I had read about a fabric swap and we decided that this would be a fun project. We all swapped 2-1/2 ” strips by WOF. Only two rules…you had to use all the fabrics and we all made the same two block quilt. You could add fabric, design your own borders etc…. They all came out different and what a treat to see. We have done 2 projects since, including a christmas quilt from the Shop Hop issue and we are currently working on the Mystery Quilt in the McCalls. Since we all love different fabrics and styles we are excited to see how this turns out for us along with the McCalls staffers!

  8. Ginny Schaum says:

    We live in upstate NY where Irene interrupted the 25th Anniversary Celebration of our Guild, the Schoharie Valley Piecemakers. I am happy to say that in spite of the fact that our meeting place was destroyed by Irene, we were able to re-group for our September meeting. By December we were organized enough to provide those affected by the disaster with quilting magazines, books, fabric, rulers and other quilting supplies. In January we made fabric fortune cookies stuffed with a quilt quote and a little red heart for My Funny Valentine challenge. Quilting brings out the best in us, not only as a creative outlet, but to show true friendship in good times & bad.

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