Cookies for Quilters

I had quite a baking adventure last weekend. I went searching online for a new cookie recipe, hoping to find something quilter-appropriate since the point was to make gift boxes for a couple of my coworkers. I found instructions for Checkerboard Cookies on the Americas Test Kitchen website.

STP Checkerboard Cookies 3 of 3 1024x682 300x199 Cookies for Quilters






I’d never made anything like them before, but decided to get even fancier and make Nine-Patch Cookies.

Making the vanilla and chocolate doughs went well, and slicing the dough logs up and realigning them was totally fun…no seam allowances to worry about with cookies! Here’s my cookie log, being sliced for baking:

cookies 004 300x242 Cookies for Quilters







Next, on to the parchment-paper-covered cookie sheet:

cookies 005 300x161 Cookies for Quilters





They looked cute even before they were baked!

cookies 006 300x225 Cookies for Quilters







Here they are, fresh from the oven. Not bad for my first attempt!

cookies 007 300x225 Cookies for Quilters







So here’s my question for you: What holiday cookies are you baking up this year? Happy snacking, and a Merry Christmas to all.


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4 Responses to Cookies for Quilters

  1. Brenda Fickett says:

    No Baking here!!! Was invited to a Cookie Party. My daughter baked 30 cookies – all the same. We came home with 51 cookies – 3 each of 17 different ones!!! Now, THAT’s the way to get Cookies!!! :)

  2. linda Williams says:

    I will make “Mrs. Minge’s Cookies (named after our friends’ Mom when we were all at Stewart AFB in the Air Force who taught us to make them) with my son, they’re also called Boiled Cookies. Made with cocoa, oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, so rich & yummy. Favorite cookie of the US Army troops at PRT Ganze, Afghanistan for Christmas 2009. And I Love your Nine Patch Cookies!

  3. joanna lovato says:

    Too cool! or too hot as the case may be! They turned out fabulous I think. Very pretty. What is the recipe?

  4. ana gomez says:

    no pasan de moda, la galletas una delicia.
    que bueno tenerlos para actualizarse en cualquier momento. gracias

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