Can You Help Find This Quilt?

Really Wild Flowers Second Season Can You Help Find This Quilt?Cheryl Phillips of Phillips Fiber Art just took a moment to write to us on behalf of her friend, Sharon Schlotzhauer. Sharon’s quilt, “Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Second Season” went missing after the Houston Quilt Festival closed, most likely on Monday, November 7, 2011. As Cheryl expressed in her email, we, too, can only imagine Sharon’s heartbreak over losing her amazing prize-winning quilt.

We are sharing this information with you in hopes that this post might in any way help recover Sharon’s quilt for her. If by chance you have any information that might help in finding her quilt, please relay the information to Sharon at her email address:

If you are interested to see any of Sharon’s other artistic quilts, please visit her website at

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  1. that is terrible! how could someone steal something that has had so much heart and soul put into it. my heart goes out to the maker and I hop it turns up – just believe in karma

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