Color Cues – Hot and Cool Quilts

Warm Up or Cool Down Your Quilts flat 300x266 Color Cues   Hot and Cool Quilts“Say “color theory”, and many quilters’ eyes glaze over…”! You won’t want to miss a special article by Christine E. Barnes featured in our McCall’s Quilting January/February 2012 issue. She offers a simple approach to balancing color, and helps us understand color temperature for more dynamic projects.

Christine is a designer, teacher, and author. To learn more about her and her latest book, The Quilter’s Color Club (C&T Publishing, 2011), visit her website.

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2 Responses to Color Cues – Hot and Cool Quilts

  1. Susan D. says:

    I found this a very informative article and very easy to understand! Choosing colors for my quilts/clothing is one of my favorite parts in the creative process. I’d really like to know more about using color theory so I didn’t think this article was ‘boring’ at all. Can you recommend something so I can read up on the subject? Also, when using or copying a color wheele how do I know if the printed colors on the paper are true? Or am I being too fussy? Thanks for your time and attention. Susan D.

  2. Valerie says:

    Take a look at Karen’s video on color selection using a focus fabric:

    Also take a look at Ellie’s video on using value (lightness/darkness) as a quilt design element:

    The colors on a high-quality purchased color wheel should be true, but the color accuracy of photocopies will vary greatly depending on equipment used.

    Hope that helps!

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