Two Days of Voting Left!

Design Star FINAL Two Days of Voting Left!Can you believe it? The anticipation is unbelievable around our office, as we wait to see who will be voted the McCall’s Quilt Design Star™ 2011 Grand Prize winner!

Voting is open through tomorrow, so be sure to go give that last little extra vote to your favorite!

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5 Responses to Two Days of Voting Left!

  1. Fran Dick says:

    This quilt really moved me when I saw it. It is so pretty and expresses a wedding day so perfectly!

  2. Shirley in Canada says:

    The butterflies here, are having pillow fights!!!

  3. Mary C in WA says:

    Thanks to the Sponsors for this contest! I’ve been living a quilter’s dream.

  4. Laurie says:

    When will the results be released, this has been so exciting to watch.

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