Win Free EQ7/Electric Quilt 7 Software!

EQ7 Photo large Win Free EQ7/Electric Quilt 7 Software!

If you have a copy of the November/December issue of McCall’s Quilting, then you’ve already had a chance to see the cheery Christmas banner, Bows & Boughs, designed by Heidi Kory for the Electric Quilt Company. Heidi designed the adorable wall hanging using Electric Quilt® 7 software.

Bows and Boughs small1 Win Free EQ7/Electric Quilt 7 Software!
Just click here to enter the the contest, and soon you may be designing quilts in EQ7, too!

Please click here for official rules.

Contest is over – congratulations to winner Peggy Sindelar of Bedford, Texas!


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50 Responses to Win Free EQ7/Electric Quilt 7 Software!

  1. I would love to upgrade my EQ This product is wonderful.

  2. lorna wickett says:

    I would love to b able to use my computer to design quilts.

  3. Nicole Snyder says:

    That would be awesome to have.

  4. Mary C in WA says:

    I’m not an Employee but I’d like to be…Designing quilts with my EQ6 is so FUN! Want to try the EQ7.

  5. Wow this would have helped so much when we were designing our new pattern for the fall retreaters!! Thank you so much for the chance to recieve this!!

  6. Peggy Mervine says:

    fabric would be perfect for a crazy quilt.

  7. Joelene Didora says:

    It really would help me to be able to design my quilts on my computer.

  8. Terri Cochran says:

    EQ 7 looks amazing – I would love to update my EQ 5!!

  9. Becky in Brewster says:

    I would Love, Love, Love for this note to be a “thank you for letting me win!”
    Would be the greatest thing ever!

  10. Marti Parsons says:

    I would love to be able to design quilts using EQ!!

  11. Sharon says:

    Hope I win!

  12. Cheryl R says:

    WOW….what a very generous offer!! It would be awesome to win this!!

  13. Carolyn Holland says:

    I have never used one of the EQ products. I love to sew and quilt. I would love the chance to try one of the products.

  14. Sheryl Woolfork says:

    I a beginner quilter and I need all the help I can get.

  15. Pat D says:

    EQ7 would be great to have when my creative side isn’t working! I love making new quilts, especially Christmas ones

  16. Sheri Bord says:

    Would be a wonderful companion product to my new sewing machine :-) .

  17. Anna Marie Houck says:

    I would be wonderful to win this! I have been experimenting with some quilt designs the old-fashioned way – paper and pencils!

  18. Angie says:

    EQ7 would be wonderful to have!

  19. Marcia Fowler says:

    I am so excited at the thoughts of winning the EQ7 program! WOW! Being on SS, I can’t afford to buy it and I have enjoyed my EQ5 so much….this would be such a treat~~~

  20. Madeline says:

    I was looking for the EQ7 icon like it said in the magazine, but couldnt find it. Thanks for putting an entry in the blog! I have the Design Wizard, and found I really want the whole program, but cant afford it. Sure would be nice to win it !

  21. Peggy Mlynek says:

    Have often thought how nice it would be to have EQ7. Would like to design a quilt.

  22. Vickie Stauffer says:

    I think this program would be great fun!

  23. Gail Stafford says:

    What a great prize….sure hope I win…

  24. Tricia says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful comemnts! Just a reminder — to enter this particular contest you need to clink on the link just below the image of the Bows & Boughs quilt.

  25. Liz B says:

    wow, I would love to have this. many quilting buddies have this and rave about the EQ programs. pick me! (mauh) Liz

  26. Debra says:

    Would luv a chance to win this

  27. Patria says:

    I would love to win this contest and have an EQ program again. My son-in-law got EQ5 for me some years ago and placed it on my computer. I moved and my computer crashed and a friend was trying to help me fix it and in the process she erased my hard drive. I lost my copy of EQ5 and the quilt I was designing for my daughter to match a wall hanging I had made for her when her son was born. I would love to win EQ7 because I could finish designing that quilt for my daughter as well as design other quilts for friends and family.

  28. Penny Huffman says:

    This has been on my wish list! Would absolutely love to win!

  29. Deb says:

    Would love to have this….still doing graph paper and colored pencils. Right now having to choose between fabric or software. Fabric has won so far and this would be so awesome to own! Thanks

  30. Upgrading to EG7 would be super. This has been on my Wish List for some time now …. I am hoping that wish could come true. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Would love to upgrade.

  32. ester nelson says:

    pick me, pick me, pick me.. I would love to win. I don’t own any EQ, software of any kind, and I truly could use it, a lot! Thanks for the chance.

  33. Pam MacKenzie says:

    I would love to upgrade to EQ7, but your competition is not open to international quilters!!! I am a subsriber to McCall’s Quilting, I receive all your newsletters advertising all these wonderful opportunities but when I get to the Entre Competition part I find I am excluded. Please can your make your competitions open to everyone.
    Thank you for a great magazine.

  34. Stephanie Matz says:

    I’m doing more designing these days, and I would LOVE to have EQ software!

  35. Sarah Baer says:

    I am seventy years old and have only been quilting for 5 years. I am computer literate and would love to try my hand at EQ software, but being on a fixed income prohibits me from buying. Wish me luck. I am an artist and love the designing part of quilting best.

  36. Sandy McClellan says:

    What a great think to do .Thanks so much.

  37. Inge Lise says:

    Ville elske at være heldig, har aldrig prøvet

  38. Jacquelyn Jaeger says:

    I love this program, have used it to make my own designs for family and friends.

  39. Clara says:

    I’ve thought I’d buy Electric Quilt software for a long time and the opportunity just didn’t present itself. Now, I have a chance to win the software–how special it would be to create my own designs.
    Thanks for the chance.

  40. Jeanne Gwin says:

    I have so wanted the EQ whatever # but never had the $$ free to buy it. Maybe this is my lucky time. Thank you for the chance.

  41. lizen says:

    Okay, I entered, but it would be nice for Sarah or Sheryl to win (and, no, I don’t know them!). Beginning quilting can be overwhelming, but then being on a limited budget with unlimited creativity can be frustrating. Good luck to everyone!

  42. Nancy Hubbard says:

    This would be the best upgrade for me this year…it has been a rough year for us financially and I knew that acquiring this would be next to impossible…to win this would make up for the lack of celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary…oh, if only…thank you for the opportunity!

  43. Donna Schuttig says:


  44. Sharron says:

    I would love to be able to design my own quilts. I love doing ‘design’ activities on my computer so am very comfortable with computers.

  45. sue says:

    I would love to win EQ7. It would be a huge step up from graph paper and colored pencils!

  46. Lynn Howell says:

    I have wanted an EQ ever since I got my computer.Just maybe this is my lucky day.I hear they can do amazing things!Would love to own it.

  47. Deb T. says:

    I would love to win EQ7. I have only seen a sample of what it can do. It looks fabulous!!!

  48. Allison C Bayer says:

    Thank you for offering this as a giveaway. I’ve entered and hoping it will be here in time for me to wrap and place under the tree — “Merry Christmas to me!!”

  49. Kim says:

    I would love to be able to enter but as I live in the UK I am not allowed.

    This software it top of my Christmas wish list

  50. Valerie says:

    Strict laws pertaining to contests preclude us from being able to offer prizes to readers in other countries.

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