My Plan for Irish Block #2

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I’m running a little late on my second block, but if I get it done before midnight then it qualifies as being done in August, right? I started sketching out an idea a couple of days ago.

Ireland block 2 planning 001 300x225 My Plan for Irish Block #2

Here's my sketch... I think I'll call this block Celtic Twist.

I’m sure there are lots of blocks called Celtic Twist, but I like the idea of Irish vines twining around one another, so that’s what I’m calling this block.

I brought in a bunch of green fabrics from home yesterday and was able to choose four greens for the twisted bits in the block. Here they are:

Ireland block 2 planning 002 300x225 My Plan for Irish Block #2

These are the lucky four greens for the block!

Now all I need to do is pick a background fabric. I’m having a really tough time picking one. I know I don’t want a quilt that is just green and white, plus I really like the idea of incorporating all of the colors of the Irish flag, so I’m toying with the idea of incorporating a little orange in the background… hmm. With any luck we’ll all know what the background fabric is tomorrow!

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