Wedding Colors Spark A Quilting Project 4

Wedding Placemat 1
Wedding Placemat 2
Wedding Placemat 3
Wedding Placemat 4
Wedding Placemat 5
Wedding Placemat 6/final

Mat4begins1 300x224 Wedding Colors Spark A Quilting Project 4

The pieced beginning of placemat 4

The fourth placemat I’m calling The Wave begins like this. I sewed wide strips of fabric in Annie’s wedding color scheme to make the base for my applique´ work. Then I cut the wavy shapes to fit over the seams and glue them down with fabric glue. The top is nearly done.

Mat4Done 300x225 Wedding Colors Spark A Quilting Project 4

Placemat four is finished!



I sewed batting and backing to the mat top, leaving about a five inch opening for turning inside out. Leaf shapes were also glued down, and then I quilted it freehand, letting the shapes inspire the quilting design. This mat is my favorite of the four. (There’s a heart shape hiding in there.)



vase sketch2 204x300 Wedding Colors Spark A Quilting Project 4

Here’s my quickie sketch of a design for the vase mats that will go under simple floral vases for Annie’s reception tables. These mats are a free form blossom shape, two or three fabric layers of color. I’ll sew  shapes on top to resemble fallen leaves. It’s a good thing I have lots of scraps in the bride’s color scheme!

My sisters are growing flowers to cut the morning of the wedding, a family tradition I’ve been a part of for each of my five niece’s weddings. Now it’s our turn to host. I’m so excited!


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2 Responses to Wedding Colors Spark A Quilting Project 4

  1. Sharon says:

    So very pretty!

  2. Kathi Gonia says:

    As a wedding/event planner and a quilter I am always looking for new ideas. What a great touch to a wedding! Thanks!!!

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