Here it is!

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My plan
Block 1, sketched
Block 1, pieced

Here’s the first block for my Ireland quilt!

1st Ireland block 1 300x225 Here it is!

Isn't it pretty?

This is a pretty quick photo. I was really excited! So, you’ll notice my drawing sitting in the upper left corner of the photo and my scraps to the right… plus my block wasn’t trimmed yet… but I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Now I need to decide how I’m going to make a stem. I know I don’t want something too big, but I’m not sure if I should appliqué one in place or embroider one or something else altogether. Any suggestions?

One more thing… I’ve been getting inquiries, but the way to get more details on the trip is to visit our website home page and click on the Ireland photo. Also, I’ll be sharing block instructions for my quilt as soon as I have them. Thanks!

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14 Responses to Here it is!

  1. Pam says:

    machine applique will show up really nice

  2. Sharon says:

    Laura, it is a VERY pretty block. It gives the effect of a 4 leaf clover. I don’t know that it needs a stem, but if you really want one . . . I’ve made tubes out of the fabric I want; make it long, then you can cut it to the size you need, and have several already made. It can then be pressed flat, and blanket stitch down.

  3. Annie says:

    Hi – this is beautiful. I did a shamrock block but it was done like a “snowball” block and was only three leaves….so that left the fourth corner blank. The pattern called for a pieced stem, but I decided to applique it instead and it came out very nice. As you don’t have a lot of room, I think a thin appliqued stem would fit perfectly in one of the corners. Is this your own pattern? Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Happy quilting.

  4. Diann Jones says:

    I really like it without a stem. Where would you put a stem? and It would be so short as to not be needed. Okay so looking at it again, I see where you could put the stem, but I still like it without. If you do put one on, applique would look good and you could play with the width of the stem before you finalized it. Great block.

  5. Carmen Wyant says:

    I would leave it as it is-viewing it from the top where the stem would not be visible. ; )

  6. Carmen Wyant says:

    Or if you did feel you had to add one, I would just do a satin stitch up from lower right hand corner.

  7. Nancy Longley says:

    I would either satin stitch (machine) or appliqué a bias strip with one raw edge tucked into the seam at the center corner of one of the dark green pieces…must be shaped like a comma, though if it is to look like a shamrock.

  8. Laura says:

    Yep, this is my own block design. Although I’m willing to bet that I’m not the first to make a block design that looks like this. Thanks for the compliments! I wasn’t sure that it looked like a lucky clover when I finished it, so it’s nice to hear that it does. Also, I do know that a shamrock has three leaves, but I really wanted a lucky 4-leaf clover instead. However, I’m sure a shamrock will show up in my quilt somewhere! Maybe even more than one!

    Oh, one more thing, I’m working on setting things up so we post a pattern for all of my blocks, but it’ll be one at a time as I make them, so thanks for being patient!

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  10. Keely says:

    I don’t think I’d put a stem in at all if it were my block. I like the symmetry it has now. I suppose you could put one branching from the middle of the block as if you were looking at the underside of the clover.

  11. RaeLyn Weaver says:

    I have just started playing with bias strips and have fallen in love. I think a stem made from a bias strip would work if you could fiddle with the width.

  12. Shelly says:

    OK you’ve asked us to follow along. How about drafting the sketch of your pattern (and instructions) into a pdf file and allowing all of us to make one with you instead of just following? I have several Irish relatives that would love to have an Irish quilt.

  13. Norma says:

    Ireland; A very beautiful spot to see. My late husband and I were there in 1996 on a tour for three weeks what a lovely time we had. we road a double decker tour bus from the train station in northern Ireland to Shannon airport in the south but did not make it to see the blarney stone. The quilt will be a nice momentum for me as I would love to go back and find some of his relatives and then maybe I could do a signature quilt as a keepsake for my family and grandchildren. Your block looks like a great starting point. Good luck I like it just as it is.

  14. Laura says:

    I’m sorry it took us so long, but the block pattern for Lucky Clover is now written and posted to our website. Here’s the link:

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