Wedding Colors Spark a Quilting Project

Wedding Placemat 1
Wedding Placemat 2
Wedding Placemat 3
Wedding Placemat 4
Wedding Placemat 5
Wedding Placemat 6/final

AnnColors 300x249 Wedding Colors Spark a Quilting Project


My daughter Annie is planning her summer garden wedding and has chosen her colors: sage green, dark plum, cream, muted light blues, soft gray and peach accents. I’m surprising her by making placemats and vase mats to go under floral centerpieces for the reception tables. This is going to be fun!

Mat1begins 300x240 Wedding Colors Spark a Quilting Project


I cut out and pieced the first top, referring to a little pencil sketch I made. Annie likes the random patch look. The placemats are not to match exactly. (Her bridesmaids won’t be wearing matching colors either, but each will wear a different color dress from this palette.)

Mat1finish 300x217 Wedding Colors Spark a Quilting Project


I decided to applique´shapes within some of the patches using batik prints. Now I’m seeing a sunrise with peachy clouds overhead! I quilted using invisible thread.

Have you ever designed your own placemats? I like that it’s a small project, not so intimidating….


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13 Responses to Wedding Colors Spark a Quilting Project

  1. Bobbie Guice says:

    … and what a pretty quilt it would make too … maybe you can put all the placemats together into one big quilt after the wedding – that would be a great wedding gift too!

  2. This will ake a beautiful quilt, I just love the olors. They are so me…

  3. ktaylor says:

    You ladies are making a whole new project for me! I do think her colors would be lovely in a big quilt.

  4. Linda Dalton says:

    These are beautiful placemats! I am sure your daughter will love them and she is blessed to have a mom that is so thoughtful to make them for her too!

  5. Carmen Wyant says:

    What great colors & what a great project. Speaking as a daughter who has a Mom who did all kinds of special things for her wedding (including crocheting the wedding dress), she will treasure these for the rest of her life.

  6. ktaylor says:

    Thanks for your nice thoughts and suggestions. I’m keeping this palette for future projects, especially a new quilt design (after the wedding that is!)

  7. Valerie says:

    …Sounds like a good “1st Anniversary” gift project!

  8. ktaylor says:

    Oooo, good idea!

  9. Sharon Cernik says:

    Love the colors, and the project sure adds a lot of mother’s love to her wedding! I would have loved something like this; the idea of making an anniversary quilt from the placemats is a really great one, too! I’ve got to remember these ideas for my own daughter’s wedding, if she ever has one :) Although, now she has finished her own quilt top, and may decide to do this herself!

  10. ktaylor says:

    My daughter is dabbling in sewing now. That’s wonderful that yours has finished a quilt top! I’d love it if my girls both got more into sewing. They are both creative types. :)

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  12. Madi says:

    How lovely! Love the 1st anniversary quilt idea!! and maybe soon enough a baby quilt? LOL

  13. ktaylor says:

    LOL! Let’s get ‘em hitched first!

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