New Fabric!!

I just got a package from one of my favorite online quilt stores and I’m doing the happy dance! Don’t you love, love, love new fabric?! I sure do. Most of the time when I’m buying fabric, I’m with a quilting buddy or two who can share in the thrill of the hunt. When I buy fabric online, alone in my jammies in the dark of night, I don’t have another quilter around to ooh and aah. But now my finds are here, so, I just have to share. Here’s a photo of them all together:

New fabric 0021 300x225 New Fabric!!

I’m a cat fancier and I love really feminine florals, so I was thrilled to find these fabrics in clearance!

Here are my new fabrics, one at a time.

New fabric 003 300x225 New Fabric!!

Don’t you LOVE these guys!? Big, fat, pussycats…yippee!

New fabric 0051 300x225 New Fabric!!

Here they are spread out so I can really see them individually. I live with the big grayish/white one upside-down on the right edge of the photo.


New fabric 0041 300x225 New Fabric!!

And here’s another cat print I just couldn’t resist.

Someday I should pull my huge box of cat fabrics out of the closet, spread them on the floor, and wallow in them. My plan is to start a long-term project with my cat fabrics one of these days… maybe an English paper-pieced quilt of large hexagons (so the fat cats fit). I’ll include 2 of each fabric cat so my future grandchildren can play matching games on my cat quilt. My quilt will be big enough to cover the Rockies!

I love flowers, too… especially whimsical ones like these.

New fabric 007 300x225 New Fabric!!

Here's the first of my two new floral fabrics, isn't it beautiful?!!

New fabric 0062 300x225 New Fabric!!

Yep! Same print... different colorway! I have this one at home, too.

This is one of my favorite collections ever and pretty soon it’ll be gone, so I jumped at the chance to buy some more at a clearance price. I just couldn’t resist!

So, what are you buying these days? Does anyone have new fabric to share? And, am I the only one with a cat fabric stash? Or do you stockpile fabrics with another theme? Let me know, okay? Thanks!


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15 Responses to New Fabric!!

  1. Linda H. says:

    I have a favorite Bible verse that’s about palm trees. I have named my blog Flourishing Palms for the Bible verse, and to reflect what I do with my hands – lots of sewing and quilting. I collect palm tree fabrics. Most of them are in shades of green, but I found one that’s sunset palm trees in blue and purple. I’ve made a couple palm tree quilts too. Can’t get enough of something we love, can we?

  2. Maida Peterson says:

    I love your new fabrics. I, too, live with the big gray cat! LOL For years, I have been buying eggplant colored fabrics. One of these days, I will make a quilt with them although I have enough to make several quilts! Plus I have a ton of mauvy pink fabrics.

  3. Barbara T says:

    I challenge you to see who has the biggest cat fabric stash! Love cats, currently only have 3 who love to help me sew. I just made a purse with cats on the wrap around pocket. Favorite is anything Laurel Burch. I am so glad to know I am not the ONLY one like me!

  4. Laura says:

    How wonderful to have a fellow cat-fabric-stasher! I’ve got cat fabrics going back to the 80s, but I didn’t really start stashing cat fabrics until about 2004, so you may well have a bigger stash than I do. Is yours covered with cat fur? I confess that some of my fabric has been slept on by a couple of my cats. Swish, my Balinese, and Buddy, our big grayish/white cat, have a thing about sleeping on fabric (not to mention my ironing board). I’ve taken to covering it with a piece of muslin whenever I leave the room.
    And… here’s a little hint… if you like Laurel Burch you’re going to LOVE our December/January issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts!

  5. Margie says:

    I too love your cat fabric. I collect the other side… dogs… love dogs and anything to do with dogs. I do have 7 cats and love each one but dogs…. they will always have my heart. I also love Christmas. I can’t get enough and even though I have a gazillion pieces I always want more. Thanks for sharing your wonderful find.

  6. Sarah Seeley says:

    yep; I’m another cat fabric fanatic (& also live with a big grey/white cat who is obsecessed with fabric). My other “collection” is tea cups & tea pots. Now to find a way to engage the cat fabric in afternoon tea.

  7. Laura says:

    Place mats and a tea cozy? Maybe some napkins?

  8. Wanda says:

    Another cat lover here also. Presently with Tessa a tortie. She loves to sleep on my quilts and play under the clear extension table. Loves all my toys also. I have a small collection of Laura Burch and cat fabric.

  9. Laura says:

    LOL! I don’t have a clear extension table, but I can imagine it perfectly. Do you wiggle your fingers on top and have her pawing at them from below? My cats steal bobbins, so I’m sure it would make them go nuts if they were on one side of a clear “wall” and a bobbin was on the other :)

  10. Darla says:

    I have some cat fabric, but its mostly dogs with me. I have a very special and prized piece of border collie fabric from Scotland. Its going to go into a lap quilt for my husband for Christmas…he’ll never read this.

  11. Dog Lady says:

    Though I usually prefer dogs, I do adore cat fabrics- they’re always so cozy looking! The ones you found are just adorable. Awesome find!
    Nothing quite like shopping in your pj’s, right? :-)

  12. Catherine says:

    I saw some newer cat fabric that you would have liked. I think it was Northcott – saw it at Quiltz in Ashland a few weeks ago – lots of choices!

  13. Catherine says:

    That new cat fabric collection wasn’t Northcott – it was Catkin by In the Beginning fabrics – check it out!

  14. Laura says:

    You’re right! It’s adorable… I’m going shopping ASAP! Thanks!

  15. Dorothy Ragland says:

    Love your fabric and your blog. I have been collecting tea things: cups, saucers, pots, for several years. Since I started quilting and therefore collecting fabric, I have several pieces of fabric with those items. Last year a very good friend made a table runner from some of her tea fabric for me!

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