Bloggy Love with Pat Sloan

pat headshot 300x200 Bloggy Love with Pat SloanPat Sloan is a favorite quilt designer among our readers and staff alike. Today we’re swapping fun questions and answers with Pat, so read her answers to our questions below, and then pop over to Pat’s blog to read our answers to her questions for the McCall’s Quilting staff, including sneak peeks at some quilts we’re working on right now!

You can also leave a message at Pat’s blog telling us your state (or country), for a chance to win a copy of McCall’s Covering America quilt pattern and a bundle of Pat’s patriotic fabrics. prizes 225x300 Bloggy Love with Pat SloanComments will be open at Pat’s blog from June 21 until 6PM Eastern time, Saturday, June 25.

Now, on to the questions we asked Pat!

McQ: How do you find the time and energy for all your quilting pursuits? How much sleep do you get?!?

Pat: People ask me this a lot, I always say I’m driven by coffee (and I do sleep!)

To give you a serious answer, I have always wanted to work for myself. When I started to quilt it became an all consuming passion. When I took the leap to working for myself full time as a designer in this industry, I put all my time, energy and love into my business. I work every day and I work long hours. So I tell people I’m just a little bit crazy…  but good crazy… know what I mean?

McQ: What was the first project you ever did for McCall’s Quilting/McCall’s Quick Quilts? How did that relationship begin?

Pat: This is one of my favorite stories! I had my first quilt booth at the fall trade show (International Quilt Market) in Houston. I’d never been to the show, never had a booth, and since there was no strong quilt community on the internet yet, I’d not chatted much with others quilters online. There was also no way to build a relationship with the magazine online like quilters can today.

So I had my booth and (Editor in Chief) Beth Hayes stopped to visit. Of course I nearly FAINTED! She asked me if I would submit designs for both McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quilts. And I did not have to hand appliqué …  I can still hear her saying that to me! I do believe that pushed my love of fusbile appliqué because I started to produce a lot of quilts. I’m honored to have had my quilts  appear in almost every issue for several years. It has been great fun!

The very first project might have been my Pumpkin Banner, and it was in McCall’s Quick Quilts Sept 1999.

McQ: What’s next for Pat Sloan? New online endeavors in the pipeline?

Pat: This year I’m having a lot of fun doing work with the crafting world, as fiber crosses over into many crafts besides quilting. I do a weekly craft article for a lifestyle blog, fifthroom living.  This year I also added a second monthly radio show on crafting with  My weekly quilting radio show is now in it’s third season with over 70 recordings you can download. My website Creative Talk Network lists everything!

I continue to have a blast with my blog and my internet communities. My QuiltMashup community is rocking with loads of fun chatter, my Facebook group is amazing, and I’ve been on Twitter over a year and totally love it.. what can YOU say in 140 characters or less? I have a newsletter (sign up here), and a regularly-updated travel schedule. You might say I’m CHATTY… I think my dad doesn’t call me ‘Chatty Cathy’ for nothing (remember those dolls?)

My books are a continuing joy to create, I love putting a set of quilts together for a book. Here are some quilts from my book, Applique a Garden:

Winter Rose 200x300 Bloggy Love with Pat SloanAutumn Wall Hanging 200x300 Bloggy Love with Pat SloanBranches1 224x300 Bloggy Love with Pat Sloan

I write two (or more) books a year plus have at least one fabric line a year. Add in my travel schedule where I visit groups across the country and that pretty much fills my time… So if you see me, remember I’m always up for a coffee break (Starbucks Latte please!)

McQ: Thanks, Pat! And thanks for inviting us to participate in this swap! We’re hoping lots of readers stop by to read our answers to your questions, and enter the prize drawing.

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4 Responses to Bloggy Love with Pat Sloan

  1. Betty Gracie says:

    Fantastic fabric and book.

  2. Pat Sloan says:

    I love you McCall’s Quilting Team!!!!

  3. Susan Canon says:

    I happen to see the new book “Covering America” yesterday during lunchtime. And decided that I really would like to make that quilt! I now live in Houston TX…after living in Marietta GA, Edmond, OK and Dallas TX. Glad to back in Texas!

  4. Louise Loughrey says:

    Pat, you are a great inspiration to all us quilters who want to go at it as a business. I enjoyed your insight.