Stash-Busting with Enthusiasm… Really!

Spring is just two days away, thank goodness, and the spring-cleaning bug has hit! As you may have read, I have a pretty large stash that I’ve been sorting through as I move. (Photos and blogs about my stash)  I’ve made plenty of scrap quilts, and cat and dog quilts (for cats and dogs, not cat and dog fabrics), and fast chuck-it-in-the-back-of-the-car-with-the-wet-snowboards quilts. But I’ll never get through my stash and I want to add some of the gorgeous new fabrics I’ve been seeing.

I need to make room.

Sooo… I’ve been giving it away… some to friends and co-workers, some to my daughters, even some old, crunchy flannel to Dan for cleaning dirty tools. But most of all, I’ve been giving it away to wonderful quilters who do wonderful things with my no-longer-beloved fabrics. Our editorial offices are here in Golden, Colorado. There’s a town about 30 miles north of us called Longmont.  The Interfaith Quilters of Longmont are a group that makes quilts from donated fabric, notions, and other quilting supplies. Once a year they hold a quilt show and sale, using the event as their main fundraiser. All the proceeds are then donated to charities and shelters that feed, protect, and nurture the needy in Longmont. You wouldn’t believe how much money they raise from these quilts!

And, today, the staff of Quiltmaker (which is in the same building we are) is setting up their annual Project Linus sale. This sale of donated fabric, quilting books, etc. raises money to help Project Linus. In case you don’t know, Project Linus has a mission “to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need” through the gift of a handmade quilt, blanket, or afghan. It’s really cool.

So, even though it’s always been really hard for me to admit that some of my envisioned projects are never going to happen, I’m finding it pretty easy to cull my stash. There are sooo many groups that need the fabric I’m not going to use. Women across the world are making quilts to send to Japan to comfort and warm the earthquake and tsunami victims. Guilds and others are making quilts for our troops overseas. Local schools, Girl Scout troops, 4-H clubs… they all welcome fabric. So, if you want to indulge yourself in those irresistible new fabrics (without feeling guilty about not using the fabrics you bought a few years ago) donate them to someone who will put them to good use. That way, when you start kicking yourself for getting rid of that perfect pink (or blue or green or brown) print, you’ll remember that it’s bringing comfort to someone somewhere and your frustration will just fall away. It’s the best way to stash-bust I know.

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  1. DartingDog says:

    I saw the boxes in the pictures and it doesn’t look like that much. One lady in our quilt group had her husband put up a small garage just for fabric storage!

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