Guilt-free Quilting – National Quilting Day

As if I actually need an excuse to quilt, tomorrow is National Quilting Day! I googled “National Quilting Day” just to see what would turn up. It turns out that had the best definition:

“National Quilting Day was established in 1991 by the National Quilting Association. Officially, National Quilting Day is the third Saturday in March. Unofficially, the celebration has expanded to the entire month. The purpose of the day is to continue the tradition of quilting through education and service. Quilt shops, fabric stores and local guilds host a variety of events and classes throughout the month to expand the knowledge of existing quilters and draw a new generation into the craft. Each year, the National Quilting Association introduces a new logo block for quilting groups and individuals to add to their Quilting Day quilt. In addition the association suggests a service project and provides a pattern for use by any individual of organization. It can be day to gather and work on an existing service project, or to start a new project. In 2010 the service project was sewing for the troops. Quilts created for this project are provided to veterans hospitals and other local organization providing support to the troops and their family members.”

For me, it is a day to reflect on the previous year’s projects (completed and new UFOs), plan new quilts, and spend time with my quilty friends. In addition, I can review my contribution to the community and research charities for the upcoming year. There are so many that need volunteers and contributions. Check with your local quilt shop or guild to find out about charities in your area. Two possibilities are Project Linus, and the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.

So, with a clean conscience, plan your own quilty activities, and enjoy time with friends. Take pride in your finished projects, and make plans for your UFOs.

Enjoy your day!


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