Little Cityscape Art Quilt 6: Finishing and a Comparison of Process

finalARTquilt 276x300 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 6: Finishing and a Comparison of Process

With framing borders added, I stitched the looped mohair yarn on by hand. This proved to be a delicate yarn, and I snagged a few loops which then became fluff! Oh no! I gave the fluffy places a crew cut and vowed to be more careful.

Then I fused the last fabric shapes onto the borders. I’m hoping the floral elements in the lower left corner will lead the eye into the city and not compete for attention. Other embellishing shapes added to the gold and maroon “frames” should create some playful interest/texture and provide relief from the straight lines of the borders.

stitchCROP 300x260 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 6: Finishing and a Comparison of Process

A bit of hand embroidery should make for softer transitions between shapes. Here’s a lazy daisy stitch in light/medium green. Any hand embroidery I choose to add from now on will fall in to the “labor of love” category. It’s not necessary, but it adds more texture and a hand-done touch.

2Towns 300x169 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 6: Finishing and a Comparison of Process

Making cityscapes in fabric is so much like creating them in paint. The “Park Avenue” painting (right) I recently finished was also made in a layering process and has a similar color palette. You can see more color ideas in both quilting and painting at:

I’ll call this art quilt “Anna’s Town” for my mom who taught me to sew. I made this little city quilt with mom’s vintage Necchi machine. Thank you mamasita! Miss you.

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11 Responses to Little Cityscape Art Quilt 6: Finishing and a Comparison of Process

  1. Margie says:

    Love landscape quilts….have made two smaller ones. Now would like to try a city scape…altho I am more of a country girl but I do love houses.

  2. ktaylor says:

    That’s funny, I used to do more landscapes and this new bent surfaced. Give it a go!

  3. Very impressed. There are 3 large panels at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore if anyone is near there you should visit their main lobby. Someday maybe I’ll give it a try…thanks for your inspiration.

  4. ktaylor says:

    Oh, I’ll have to ask my friend who lives near there to try and get a photo of it. I’d love to see it!

  5. Carol S says:

    This is intriguing. I’m just completing my first bargello and I thought to try something that is more of a story like the city scapes!

  6. ktaylor says:

    I think you are right, cityscapes do seem to have their own stories. That’s one reason I like creating them.

  7. Patti says:

    The addition of those flower outside the frame was a stroke of genius. It really does lead your eye into the picture and adds life to it. Great job.

  8. Geri says:

    I love your cityscape, it is just magical.

  9. ktaylor says:

    Thanks so much!

  10. Lula Chang says:


    I love your art quilt ideas!! The colors are super along with the design…you’re artwork translates gorgeously into quilt art and you’ve done a wonderful job using fabrics in place of paints! I’d love to see the piece in person someday!

    You have to do more quilts…your work is inspiring and decorative! Can look at your work all day!

  11. ktaylor says:

    Hi Lula,
    Thank you so much, and I do plan to do more city quilts. They are really fun to do, and I enjoy hunting for fabrics that apply to the scene at hand.
    You made my day!

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