Newborn Snuggler

A dear friend asked me a few weeks ago to make a baby quilt she could use as a gift, and I was happy to do it. There was just one catch…it had to be done very quickly, as the baby was due this past Monday! No time for a fancy design, no time to send it out for longarm quilting. I was on my own and the clock was ticking. So I grabbed a handful of fat quarters and got to work. Here’s the result:
KP blog photo 300x233 Newborn Snuggler

It was fast and fun, and we’ve posted a free baby quilt pattern on our website so you can make one, too. If you’ve got a little one coming and a weekend for quilting, I hope you’ll give it a try!

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8 Responses to Newborn Snuggler

  1. Pat says:

    That turned out really nice! Good job….I’m sure someone was very happy with this!

  2. Love the colors quite cute…

  3. JerryAnn Smith says:

    I thought it was very cute, easy to do I think, I know what size and what size the lg blocks and small ones are. I need to make two for two new girls.

  4. JerryAnn Smith says:

    Correction: I didn’t know what size is it

  5. Janet Boulter says:

    Just what I need

  6. Nancy Taylor says:

    Really cute and nice & easy looking. I’m thinking of using the idea for a quick Christmas quilt I was supposed to do for this past Christmas. Very nice.

  7. Norma Neenan says:

    That quilt is really nice and quick. I make one out of charm squares and leave an area about two squares by 4 or 5 squares, make this out of plain white and applique a little flower with stem and a leaf and it is really pretty for a little girl, using soft florals in the charm squares with a spash of bright color every so often. Makes a great shower gift.

  8. DartingDog says:

    This is really a cute design. I have similar squares in similar colors I have been shuffling around since six this morning and am still not happy. I’ll try this tomorrow morning.

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