A Quilter Moves In! “Fabric-collecting is healthy, really!”

Help! A certain someone thinks that no one on earth has as  much fabric as I do. I assured him that many a quilter has a sewing room or closet full of fabric. I didn’t tell him about a friend of mine who has her fabric wrapped in freezer paper, marked ‘FISH’ (which her husband hates), and stacked high in the freezer. Nor did I tell him about friends with stashes in the trunks of their cars. I’d never rat on another quilter! But it would be nice if he knew that I’m not the only one with a large and wonderful stash.  So, I’d be grateful if those of you with healthy fabric collections would chime in. That way I can show him that I’ve got plenty of company!

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18 Responses to A Quilter Moves In! “Fabric-collecting is healthy, really!”

  1. Bobbi says:

    I ,too, have a wonderful fabric stash! I have nine drawers full plus several baskets set atop of the drawers. My stash has come in handy this past few weeks. After having surgery on my foot, keeping me home bound for four weeks, I have had great fun Sewing and Serging. Not having to to try to tell someone else (all I have nearby are two barely adult sons) what fabrics I need for various projects has been great! I am enjoying lots of sewing time, something I don’t usually have since I work full time!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Laura, Well I know the feeling. My hubby thought the same thing when we got married & he saw all my sewing stuff. LOL He told me I could have part of the basement for it. Well I have almost taken over the basement. I store my fabrics in clear totes. I have about 80 totes of various fabric. I buy it when it is clearanced out alot of the time. Right now I am doing a 1930s quilt that I got the fabric for about 2 years ago. Just took me this long to find that perfect pattern.

    So no we quilters have a large stash of fabric. I am in a guild of about 130 and we all have large amts of fabric. So I hope this helps him realize that this is normal.

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks for the support! I do have quilting friends who buy only what they need, 1 project at a time, so I’m really happy to hear from quilters like me. By the way, I would LOVE to see photos of other quilters’ stashes. Please go to http://www.facebook.com/McCallsQuilting, and click the “Like” button. Then you can post your photos on the wall and I can send Dan to the page to see them. Grin.

  4. Becca says:

    Send him to my house! He will take back every comment.Lol. Thank heavens my hubby is so easy going. I have 3 dressers and wall to wall shelves completely packed. He has often kidded me that my other name should be Joannes…..Silly man to think I buy my quilt fabric there.hahahah….I have a good friend that I taught to quilt. She swore to her hubby that she would only buy fabric for the project she worked on. I smiled and shut my mouth. To this day she has to sneak it in the house. Fabric makes me happy. So that makes my hubby happy and for sure it isnt as expensive as his hobbies! The good part is that I am on my 10th stash quilt and havent had to buy an inch. :0)

  5. Anne Wiens says:

    No, Laura, you are not alone. My sewing room is so stuffed with fabric and quilts that my sewing machine is now set up in the living room. I have a friend with a grain bin that has been converted into a fabric storage shed!

  6. Laura says:

    Ooh, that’s a new one to me! There must be SO many places to store fabric that I’ve never thought of. I want to know them all!

  7. Deborah Baxter says:

    I have been cleaning and reorganizing my stash this week. I told a quilter friend my spare bedroom looked like a hoarder lived there.. she laughed and said “One does”. Several storage totes and bins later and a trip to Goodwill to donate (4) bags full the room is about to be clean. I have 30 kits that I put together and still lots of fabric. I am glad I am not alone. LOL….. happy quilting.

  8. Sue says:

    I have large Rubbermaid TUBS of fabric under all the beds and shelves full of fabric!

  9. JJ says:

    My stash is more a collection of all the kits, pattern and fabric chosen for it, and fat quarters. When I started quilting I got way too excited and bought lots. It’s all nicely arranged in pizza boxes, so at least I know what goes with what, but I’m thinking of dumping a bunch of it. I think the amount of stuff (40 pizza boxes) is just bringing me down and needs to find a new home. And, of course, the stuff I got when I first started quilting isn’t anything I’d really like to work on now.

  10. SewLindaAnn says:

    My stash is embarrassingly huge! I have more fabric than I will use in a lifetime. I’ve gone through and given away all the old stuff I no longer love, but the rest is staying and I’m trying to purchase from my own shop so to speak. My husband doesn’t even like to look at it for wondering how much it cost him!

  11. Dorothy Ragland says:

    I started quilting about 5 years ago. Have collected so much fabric, I turned my living room into a sewing room. Have one wall full of shelves and 5 tubs full. One of the very large tubs full was a gift from a friend of one of my students from 1961 who said she used to say she was a quilter, but has decided she was just a fabric-collector. I have used a lot of her fabric in other quilts, but made the McCall’s mystery quilt completely (including the back) from her donation. Keep promising myself I will not buy more until I have made a real dent in my stash. HaHa! Bought 8 yards yesterday. Some is for a baby quilt for my first great-grand child due in May. Have made a quilt for all 9 grandchildren and many more. Always intended to quilt, just regret waiting for retirement. Now I realize I could have quilted and worked.

  12. Amy says:

    I, too, have lots of fabric. However it is all mine, purchased with money I made myself and I have lots that I purchased on auction sales when older ladies either died or went to the nursing home. My husband doesn’t say anything as my fabric stash is inside protected and not left outside to rust. Cost considerably less than his hobbies. I also subscribe to several quilting mags. I have 2 daughters who quilt. One just started.

  13. Laura says:

    I knew I wasn’t alone! Thanks, everyone. It has been so much fun showing your comments to Dan. And I’ve been really working at thinning my stash as I unpack. I’ve already filled three big moving boxes of fabric to give away! The trick is to not pull everything back out of the boxes before I actually get them out of the house. I actually did pull four pieces of fabric out of one of the boxes yesterday morning. But considering I have a good 12o lbs. of fabric (at least) packed in the boxes I don’t feel too guilty taking back 4 fat quarters. You’ll be glad to know that I have now triple-taped the boxes shut. And it feels good knowing that fabric that I really wasn’t going to use will be used by others.

  14. Peggy says:

    I am sorry Laura but I cannot in all honesty see myself giving any of my huggggggggeeeeeeee stash away ! LOL I have a bedroom that was our spare bedroom but is now my sewing room full of fabric and each piece is for something. Just don’t know what yet. And am sure I will add more, and if I die before I use it up, well, then someone else can deal with it roflol. So tell your hunny that you are not alone, and are a better woman then I. Right now my dining room has a queensize bedroom suite in it waiting to go into our storage building, when I can get it cleaned out ! No room for the bed anymore .:)

  15. Susan Davies says:

    I too used to buy fabric compulsively. One day you wake up and realize
    It’s crazy. Now I buy very little because just because you like it doesn’t
    mean you’ll use it. So I buy very little. I’m tempted to buy because of
    The rising cotton prices but I have more than a lifetime supply so that
    Probably won’t work. I enjoy having money for other things and now
    My time is taken up with grandkids. I consider my husband my ally
    In controlling my spending!

  16. Emily says:

    Well, anybody looking to get rid of fabric can send it here ;)

    I have been quilting for 3 years about, and I have around 9 tubs of fabric and various boxes. I am 15, so that cuts down on my budget, considering that I’m not old enough to get a job to pay for it!

    I’m not really sure though as I have never counted. I love fabric, and that is actually how I got started quilting – I was given fabric and my dad told me I needed to use it, or he would give it away. I found a quilting book and it took off from there. My grandmother quilted but my mom doesn’t. I collect sewing machines(old ones) and that takes up a lot of room!

  17. CoutureCat says:

    I love your take on fabric collecting Laura! Of course it’s healthy. Looking over the sea of fabric keeps those creative juices flowing don’t ya know… Currently I have fabric purchased when I was a teenager. That being said this collection can now be deemed ‘vintage’ as it is well over 40 years old in some cases… Oops, did I just say that out loud?? Laura, if you need my address to send some of your overage to just say the word… Happy Sewing.

  18. Fe says:

    I, too, collect scrap fabrics. Some sourced from a neighborhood dressmaker, or from a tailoring shop, or I buy from garment flea market whose stocks come from many garment factories here. I keep my fabrics in a cargo box size 20×20 which I also decoupaged to camouflage the dirt from shipping. My late husband then commented that I buy fabric by the yardage and then cut it into pieces and then sew it together. Or, that my fabrics were already scrap and then cut into pieces. For him it’s absurd.

    I just hope your husband will look at your freeze fabrics in a jocular mood.

    I’m Fe from the Philippines.

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