Little Cityscape Art Quilt 2

coolSketchUse2 237x300 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 2lightsUse3 300x195 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 2darksUse3 300x227 Little Cityscape Art Quilt 2

I’m starting with the cool color sketch (2) and choosing fabrics.
Okay, I know there are only 17 basic shapes in the composition, but I
am a big believer in collecting many fabric options to choose from in
the beginning. Hence, my big dining room table where I sew became
fabric frenzy land. I’m showing you the final choices, which will
probably get tweaked, but it’s a start.

I arranged my fabric swatches on the mini design wall I made (I’ll
share that later) and also took clippings for my color notebook I
keep. Here you see the color swatches laid down from “lightest light
to darkest dark”. (I love that phrase from a favorite painting
instructor.) Since this is a cityscape, I think having a full value
range is going to have impact.

About the dining room sewing table…. It’s kind of my tradition,
starting from when I was a teenager sewing my own A-line dresses on
the dining room table/homework station. When I got married and started
a family, that was still the place to sew. Now we have a guest room I
could make into a sewing room, but that would never feel right. I love
my dining room sewing room!

Next: the Little Art Quilt Takes Shape!

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