A Quilter Moves In! Part 9

As it turns out the cage isn’t big enough… no surprise there. I have 36 cubbies under my big board. They are now also full. So, I bought some fabric organizer boards and have started wrapping all of my smaller cuts and leftover strips on them. They end up being about 6-7″ wide when wrapped, so I bought an entertainment storage unit that’s designed for VCR tapes, DVD cases, CD cases, etc. The shelves are movable, so I can adjust them to fit my wrapped boards and the unit is only 9″ deep, so the fit is perfect and there isn’t wasted space at the front of the shelf. I don’t have all of my fabrics wrapped yet, but the ones that I have wrapped are so pretty! And I can actually see (and access) all of my small cuts that usually get lost in my stacks of fabric. I’ll post photos tomorrow… my camera battery died this morning, so I couldn’t get any for today.

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