Color Sketches for the Little Cityscape Art Quilt

ArtQuilt3Colors4 300x125 Color Sketches for the Little Cityscape Art Quilt

I decided to explore some more color options once I had made the beginning fabric collage you see on the far left. First I drew the basic shapes in the computer and started filling them in with flat color, keeping to the original values in the collage for the most part. The middle color sketch is very cool, and the third idea on the right is very warm and a little unusual. (I have a scrap of fabric that is brown with light colored stars I think might make an interesting sky!)

All of these color sketches benefit from the use of orange and yellow as accent colors. Next I will go to my fabric collection and see what I can find. I’ll be looking for interesting patterns as well as colors inspired by these sketches. The real fun is beginning!

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2 Responses to Color Sketches for the Little Cityscape Art Quilt

  1. Joy James says:

    I love the original but also just love your alternate colourways especially version 3 which are my colours. I agree the yllow/orange adds a nice touch in all 3 colourways. Can’t wait to see the 2 new colourways made up.

  2. Leslie Clark says:

    love the original the best… but love how you are exploring all possibilities!!

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