Scout Banners – Final Instructions Available Now!

Both Banners 300x195 Scout Banners   Final Instructions Available Now!

Here are the eagerly awaited final instructions for these adorable banners.

We hope you enjoy making them, and be sure to send us pictures of your scout with their very own banner. Just e-mail to!

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2 Responses to Scout Banners – Final Instructions Available Now!

  1. Joan Buchholz says:

    I click on the blog…the picture of the banners come up but I can’t seem to get the instructions to come up. Help!

  2. Joan Buchholz says:

    Ignore the previous coment…I was clicking on the wrong thing! Sometimes I wonder about myself. I can hardly wait to finish this project for my friend’s son who just became a Star Scout…he is well on his way to Eagle!!! Thank you for this fun project!

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