A Quilter Moves In! Part 6

I had no idea!…

Did you know that cutting mats can shatter?! I sure didn’t… until now that is. One of the days when we were loading a truck to move things from my old place in the mountains (we’re here in Colorado) to my new home, it was 6 degrees below zero. I was inside the house packing and the guys were carrying things out to the driveway and loading the truck. Apparently my mat was hanging out on top of a pile of boxes. And when most of the truck was loaded my mat got tossed up onto the boxes in the truck. A photo of the remains appears below. When the truck was empty I swept out the pieces and put them together like a puzzle so I could snap this photo. I guess mats don’t appreciate really harsh temperatures. Poor thing.

new sewing room boken mat 300x225 A Quilter Moves In! Part 6

The silver lining is that now I have a new, unblemished, non-stained mat!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so the unpacking will continue in earnest. I keep forgetting to take photos as I fill my shelves, but I won’t forget this weekend. I’ve been trying something new, so it’ll be interesting to see if it works out. More on Monday icon smile A Quilter Moves In! Part 6

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One Response to A Quilter Moves In! Part 6

  1. Karen604 says:

    Those mats will melt too. Years ago when attending Festival in Houston I saw one melted to the rug in a car’s hatchback. The owner put it there to keep it flat. Picking up a corner reminded me of freshly chewed gum.
    At least you matt was an easy clean up.

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