Swimming upstream…

1 hanging up 225x300 Swimming upstream…

Hanging up the parts.

When designing art quilts, it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. Luckily, I now have this blog which promises to be good motivation!

A while ago, the idea for a salmon wall hanging came to mind, perhaps as a gift to my brother after his Northwest island house was built. Then my mom caught wind of it, and decided she had to have it for her kitchen… that didn’t work out, so it’s been idling in my studio, mostly as a gigantic paper fish outline taped to the closet door (my *other* design wall–which will get foam-boarded and flanneled soon, I promise!).

So here’s a little progress, finally! Without the tackiness of flannel, I had to devise a way to hang the sewn-together strips, and carefully detach some of the fish outline from the door (made life-size in Adobe Illustrator–which was printed on 8.5 x 11″ sheets on my little ink-jet printer, and taped together). I found a rod to hold up the strip set, bent & twisted some wire hangers to hang from the top of the door, supporting the rod, etc. (I swear, I’m heading to the home improvement store right after work tonight!!).

2 fabric close up1 225x300 Swimming upstream…

Fabric close-up.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the strip set needs to be wider, for sure. At least so I can decide later whether I want a “fish on a plank” look, or not. I had made some extra strips, pieced together in darkest greens, which might *contain* the lighter, more subtle greens/batiks in the middle.

3 adding darks clams 225x300 Swimming upstream…

Adding darks and clams.

The clam shell shapes will be arranged horizontally, or maybe diagonally, or maybe move into a curve–would that give it a more dimensional feel? Another thing to experiment with:  contrast–or not–between the clam shells and the varying green background strips. In the next installment, I’ll show how that works, or doesn’t!

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  1. Never quilted before in my life. So….Just wondering. The clams look like scales, so you might try turning them. How about putting the clams to the left/bottom of the fish and sun rays/ bugs to the right/top of the fish? Just a few ideas(you probably already thought of ) Looks Great! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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