A New Year’s Quilt – Part 4

Good Fabric Choice 300x279 A New Years Quilt   Part 4

Good Fabric Choice!

As promised, here are my final choices. After bombing out with white prints, I selected a Maywood Studio white on white print. The nice thing about it is that the white looks so crisp and clean next to the green now!

So here is one of my final 2 blocks. Not only did I change the background, I also changed the size to 10″ finished (it was 12″ finished). I think it refines the pattern a little.

I’ll show you the other block and the secondary pattern made using the 2 blocks in my next post. Let me know if  you’ve recently discovered the beauty of white, or if you’ve known about it all along icon smile A New Years Quilt   Part 4 .

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  1. Lisa says:

    Your fabric choices are a big success! I like a good white on white print for its crispness. What I like even more though, is a white (or cream sometimes) with just a little bit of color. Maybe a tiny print in blue or lime green or grey. I like it when it reads as white from a distance, but up close it has that added interest. I’m always looking for fabrics like this to use as backgrounds, but often they are hard to find.

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