A Quilter Moves In, Part 5

Sewing room décor…ha!

I can hardly wait to get this room the way I want it. I’m envisioning shallow shelves where the map now is (photo below), holding scads of fabric (small pieces) and looking like a prism exploding against the wall. In a perfect world they’d be made of some sort of warm wood. Maybe I’ll make a trip to the lumber store and see what I can do.

new house new sewing room 0161 300x225 A Quilter Moves In, Part 5

Much as I love maps, this one needs to move out of my sewing room… perhaps into the hallway? Oh, that’s one of my favorite lamps. It gives a nice bright light to my room.

This next photo is the view from my sewing table. As you can see, it lacks a certain something. I have no idea how to make this more palatable other than curtains. But they’d shut out the light. There’s a scene in How to Make an American Quilt where one of the quilters destroys dishes and then uses them to make a mosaic. Perhaps I could cement broken ceramics to the metal?

new house new sewing room 017 300x225 A Quilter Moves In, Part 5

Perhaps a nice garden statue and a big flat stone for my cats to sit on?

Wow, this is a toughie, I have no idea what to do with a window well. I’ll keep you posted.

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10 Responses to A Quilter Moves In, Part 5

  1. Brenda Spadaro says:

    Paint the inside of the window well – plain “blue white” or if you’re artsy, then add a cloud or two. Then put some artificial plants on the floor of the well – there are some really neat “wood” plants at local art shops and / or nursery places. You could really make that well a focal point of the room!

  2. I know someone who grows geraniums in her window well. She has fed a drip irrigation system into the well for the potted plants and then put a window well cover on to give it a green house effect. The cover can be pushed off easily in case of emergency. In another window well, she applied a portion of one of those vinyl mural wall coverings to give a bit of a view.

  3. Laura Roberts says:

    Wow! What a great idea! How does she keep the water from overflowing the sill? Just a very slow drip, perhaps. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

  4. Claudia Dixon says:

    I have part 1 of “America the Beautiful” quilt completed and am reading over part 2 instructions! It is so much fun and 2 months gives me time to go slowly. Two other friends are making this quilt also!

  5. Claudia Dixon says:

    Set in a variety of cacti and clay pots. They need very little watering!

  6. Anne Goss says:

    Remember good old decoupage? Take some scraps of fabric and glue yourself a quilt onto that metal. Seal it with something weatherproof. That’s the first thing I thought about when I saw it. Plus, put a screen at the top to keep those leaves (and bugs) out. I’ll bet your cat would love the space, and you would love the fresh air. I’m enjoying your “moving” adventures.

  7. Kathy Hannah says:

    Claudia, make sure you send us a picture of your America the Beautiful quilt! Just e-mail to mcq@creativecraftsgroup.com. Can’t wait to see it! – Kathy

  8. Laura Roberts says:

    Decoupage… I used to love decoupage! Another great idea! And I really like the idea of screening the top. That way I could take the screen out of the window and it could be a kitty haven. Thanks for the great ideas!

  9. sharon says:

    How about using coloured glass? You could hang shapes in front of the window and maybe arrange an assortment of bottles/jars in the actual well area.
    I’ve seen glass mobiles that look like quilt blocks. They would distract the eye from the industrial look of the window well.

  10. Laura Roberts says:

    Thanks for the idea, Sharon. I think it’s a wonderful idea for winter. Here in Colorado winter comes in shades of gray, brown, and stark white, and of course flowers aren’t possible. I have some beautiful Christmas balls made of thick blown glass. And, there’s a grate above the window well to hang them from. I’m going to dig out my Christmas ornaments this weekend and hang some up!

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